Monday, November 2, 2009


I'll keep this short and sweet because I got class soon. But anyways, have you ever been muffled in between work drama? Names began flying and personal grudges start to sync your name up in the mix. O' lord if only people knew what goes down in my place. Not to say I dont start a little drama, well because aparently im the trouble child. Shit, I cant lie I think I am the bad boy of the store and my lazy slouching appearence expresses how much I love work. I thrieve on taking risks, and having a good time. But nevertheless, its never cool to be talked about. O' well thats why everytime when I close the store I sing as loud as i can "HATERS!" (only jay track I listen to since the deception)
But what i'm getting at, is that I dont give a damn about anyone in my retail store, but the selective few. At this point its only about the paycheck, no strings attached.

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