Saturday, February 27, 2010


For a change I took it upon myself to do something nice. Not to say im a grinch or anything. However, I dont usually go too much out of my comfort zone to help others. It may sound selfish but thats just how i've usually been. Wommp Wommp Wommp.
For some God given reason, I took the initiave to be my street's snow slinging slu! In otherwords, I shoveld a great amount of house's driveway in brutal weather yesterday evening. I assure you it was not anything that was comfortable or easy to do. Although for some reason out of the blue, I felt it was necessary for me to do.
For anyone that lives in the GTA district and was driving or even had the courage to walk in the non-stop snow storm. I applaud you. However! I dont applaud the indivual who came along with their dog, behind my back to pee on my crystal clear lawn of snow. Not cool.

If it wasnt for me hullicating to this song below, I would have without a doubt kick some karate kid ass.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Secretly, Big people have the best singing voices


4 Albums that people must grab or well like me download tsk tsk

DOPE: The Foreign Exchange-Leave it all behind
SEXY VOICE: Quadron-Quadron
SOOTHING: Brittany Bosco-Spectrum 2.0
CRAZY LIVE: Woodhands-Remorsecapade



I dont honestly know what to say about this guy. One day im on the best of terms about this dude. This is when im killing College Dropout-808's in the heavy sub. But yet in the odd occassion there is always something this dude does that turns people off. However it never really bothered me. In otherwords when he throws his fits about something on his mind, its nothing but hilarious.
Although, not till now when I seen the "coldest winter" video. I was shocked, disgusted and scared all at the same time, hense in broad daylight. Sort of reminded me of Paranormal Activity. Not cool!

I'd rather not further comment on the video but say that I simply dont support it.
But the track has and still is bomb. LOL!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010





Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is the D.O.B.S.

-I hate when girls take pictures of them self infront of the bathroom mirror. The bathroom has a purpose, dont take advantage of it
-Guys pull your pants up. Im not mad when you sag the swag a little bit. But C'mon now! That shits played out
-If I see another highschool girl wear one of those tiny Dora backpaks, my pupil is going to explode. Recognize your damn age
-I cant believe I have to bring this up. But dude's if you dont own a good bottle of cologne, dont step out outside. C'mon axe cost $1.99
-Umm how do I say this. Well, I can tell the whole torn jean/tights has been in style for a minute now. But umm if you got a muffin top or have skin falling out of place. Then you got a big problem. Please ladies take care of it.
-Fellas, or least smart ones' listen up. Wearing 3XL garments is never a great impression. Just think about it
-You know its time to retire your boots, when your Uggs are slanting your foot half-way and look soggy in broad daylight. Yuckkkk
-Lastly, note to everyone. If you see someone eating with their mouth open, give them a good ol' fashion slap in the mouth. HaHa trick!

And thats is all for today!



I giggle to myself sometimes just when I think about it. I honestly dont know why, maybe its because my mind is always all over the place. However its my duty to share my point. So lets just dive in.
Firstly, I hate to be rude but this is more so pointed at the ladies. Have you ever found your self pondering why doesn't so n' so love me? Where do I find love? Im heart broken, I dont think I can love any more? Well of course im sure these thoughts have interupted every ladies love life some way or another. It is natural for any individual of that matter to feel this way or question their belief. Personally I know dude's who's hearts have been broken. Yet I dont think they will ever fully if thats a word recover from it. Just as much as emotional women, men do endure the same type of pain. Although, I do agree in most cases that the women usually recieves more of the emotional pain. Furthermore, our society consumes our mind to think that everyone must find love. As if its the most important thing that still resinates on this dirty earth. Somehow, I sort of agree that everyone should find love some way or another. Although the only true love is God and your spiritual growth with another individual. But please im not here to preach, im just trying to put forth my two cents.
But my main point is today love is usually taken for granted. So without further a-do what is true love?

1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
AD. DEFINTION: Beauty and true love is embeded in the eye of the beholder.
Usually love is found when being with another for a good set years. But even then, some have not exactly found true love.

Moving on! Lets be real, every one is fluttered with the idea of love or being with another. Whether its watching it on movies, looking at celebrities or even listening to music. The media has most of our minds whipped. But thats another story.
In other cases, people mistake sex for love. This is because if the communication barrier has not been stated if its either 'lets get it on/casual date sex' (occuring when things lead to another) or 'slow jam/lover sex' (occuring when your committed to that individual), things become messy. What sucks is usually when one does get the goodies before committing, they fall short of feeling what a relationship could have been with that person. I plead the 5th. Honestly it really does suck, although it can only be positive in however you apply those past lessons into further relations. Which leads me to my next point.

What is Infatuation? Infatuation is 'An object of extravagant, short-lived passion' shout out to the dictionary. In otherwords, Infatuation is living the moment of lust or being intrigued by someone for the short-time goodies. For instance, the club is an infested box/space that people feed off of lust. As well, usually men are the hungry gremlins that live off of infatuation. Honestly, sometimes we cant always control the way we think or see. However we do have control of what we do. Therefore dont knock a man if he tries to sweet'n up a lady with a pick up line (which is not my style) Although feel free to Pacpuiao the dude if he goes further by slapping your ass or grabbing your elbow. Thats just not cool.
Anyways getting back on track, there is a positive to infatuation. Which is umm..umm..uhh'..O! It's that everyone must past the infatuation phase before finding love. Its natural human behaviour in this day and age for people to become attracted to another individual which follows into love. Therefore I encourage all to explore, date and live life. Although in both cases regarding love and infatuation, dont do it for what the hype is made up to be. Only do it because it feels right. and maybe real good, zing!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


The LOVE Thing from LOVE on Vimeo.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Its all-star weekend people! Anyone and everyone always look forward to this weekend. I find that the NBA is the only league that recieves as much hype on their weekend than the superbowl. What a cowenkey-dinky the superbowl was just last weekend. Sighhh
Nevertheless, this weekend event means alot to me since I was ye' high. I would remember being a little nappy head kid sitting dead straight infront of my TV all weekend long. To me it was more than just watching a game, it almost felt like an unreal moment to see all my favorite star players shine at once on one court. As well, i'd secretly hope the the NBA would have the event take place in Toronto. However we know that will never happen. Because 1) The ACC is too small and 2) the Skydome is too nasty-When I went to see the retro craptors back in the early 90's at skydome, I was mortified!

Honestly its kind of weird to explain, but I would remember watching every event, every commericial and every interview. My grandma would get mad at me all the time for sitting to close to the television. Maybe thats the reason why I need glasses today.
Well now that I get older and less active (pop belly coming soon, i joke i joke!) it happens to have less relevance to me. Not to say I wont watch every event although if I happen to miss one, I could care less.

If there is anyone who has not yet watched this event take place, I encourgae you to do so. If anyone has any early MVP predicitions, then holla. I'll put some monopoly money up that the king james is taking it this year.
With that being said, Good day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I could swear im the biggest procastinator ever! I have to start typing out an ass-load of ideas and hand them in by early mourning. Although' I haven't yet begun. Well, I did brainstorm if that counts (Wink n Smile)
I honestly hate when I do this to myself. It sets me back so far and cuts into my snooze time. Therefore, tonight I predict i'll have 3-4 hours to snooze. O' suu wuu

C'mon now cut me some slack. One of the biggest NCAA games are on for rivalry week.
Duke vs. N. Corlina.

Wommp Woommmp WOooOmmmppppp!

Shout out to my boy Pavel in England who sent me a couple pics from his Monyak Collection.
Now that I think about it, he knows what I mean when I say bad habits.


Just looking at this Air Hoop Structure makes me mad for two reasons.
One, I wish I could afford a new pair of structure's or even shoes for the most part.
Two, just looking at the shoe brings back my vince'ainty-esk dunking memories. I wish I could re-visit those moments. O'well!

P.S. there is only one girl I personally know in this world who doesn't like Basketball. Yet, not to be racial, sterotypical or cliche but she's black. Tsk Tsk


Sophomore Spring 2010 from SophomoreNYC on Vimeo.


Appreciate life for what it is
For what it seems to be

Monday, February 8, 2010


HAHA! Sorry I was bored on one of these gossip sites and I came across one of Reggie Bush's tings in his house during the weekend. All I could think of is Kat Williams voice Pimpin' Pimpin' Pimpin'
So indeed without a doubt im not mad at homboy no more. Do your thang son.


Okay okay, I clearly lost the superbowl bet. Although...I dont give a damn. Im not going to lie, this year I hardly watched a full season game. Therefore im not in a any right to be guessing who is going to win. So' im a little lame!

So these past couple days have been so so. To tell you the truth I dont know how to feel. I wished for cake, and I recieved it (with my own money) However, now my throat has been itchy ever since. I take it thats not a good sign. Nevertheless, Praz from the fugee's is here at my school talking to students for what reason? I have no clue. I would enlighten all of you about what he was speaking about although I had better shit to do. On a good note, I did hear that he still talks to Lauren Hill. As well today listening to Lil' Wayne's 'Fuck today' song during class breaks is in an awful way uplifting. No' seriously give it a hear.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


This show 'Cake Boss' on TLC is my shit!
For about three weeks now i've been craving cake. I think tonight im going to Nicole's house to rob her cake. Yeah I said it trick


Wow shits crazy, my project is to job shadow (interview) my future job. However my head has been so far up my gluteous maximus, that I cant even accpet finding another career other than my own business. Well thats my initial plan.
So basicly its taking me way more time to finsih than expected. My only fear Please dont be scared of me (sorry that was uncalled for) is that I wont finsh it in time. Sigh!!!!

In the mean time im just going to take this time and say that the Colts will be winning the Superbowl. The saints can have a breakfest in-a-bowl from deneys.
My reason for this decsicon is because I dont like Reggie only because dude's soft. Dont get me wrong he plays nice and all although homeboys girl bluntly slept around in each of our faces. Im talking about the dick slingin'-slurp drippin'-face cringin' infamous tape. But the real kick is that he took her back. Ha! Call that love? or desperate?..whatever.
Plus Manning never fails. Enough said.



Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010


These past 2 years i've been slowly drifting away from the Rap (radio b.s) scene. But yet, instead i've been gravitating towards indie/electro. Just today someone put me on to la roux. Shits dope.
Yeah yeah I know its weird and all. But damn I think im hooked.
I havent yet fully converted over which sounds like a big step. But sure enough I truly believe by this summer my music prefrence will be pretty much revamped. However! R&B/Soul/Hip Hop is in my blood, dont get it twisted Son!

I advise all to be open minded.
Eww for some reason that sounds kinda do you say...umm... colourful LOL