Friday, September 25, 2009


Take this in..
start spazzin' with N.E.R.D.
then jus be chillin' with Wale
afterwords bump to grown by J. Cole..
then last but not least.. well Jay-Z
enough said!
All I have to say is your a LAME if you dont go.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


via: Dee&Ricky


October's very own Drake has confirmed the release date of his debut album Thank Me Later. The highly anticipated album will feature collaborations with Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye west, Eminem, Danny! and Young Jeezy. It is still in the works that hopefully, Andre 3000 will be working with Drake. The album is expected to be released on Valentines day of next year, Febuary 14th, 2010.
Be on the lookout for his new video Forever that was shot in Miami recently. The song will be released as the second single to Lebron James 'More than a game' documentary. As well, the song and video features Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Eminem. Im certain that the video will be dope because it is directed by the legendary Hype Williams.

This the record that my backpack underground fans get to skippin
Back back, Southern town fans get to tippin
Chasin fat stacks, runnin down grands and submission
I don't back track, every single sound for me different
-Drizzy Drake (City is Mine)

That is all folks!


Saturday, September 19, 2009


The place to be tommorow for music lovers is downtown, Dundas square for MANIFESTO. It will be nothing but fun, music, and umm more fun I guess. Any-who! anyone who is a hip-hop head will be there because Talib kweli and Hi-tek will be performing. As well, opening for them will be my boy Blake Carrington. Not to forget earlier in the day KJ and Wolf J will perform their sets. All three of the dudes are family and have always recieved nothing but love on Phenomenalavenue. So for those who haven't yet got to familiar with these artists, go downtown and check them out for yourself. I'm going to try and make it out there tommorow, so you do the same.

P.s-secretly I just only want to go and hear my favorite track 'the blast' by Talib Kweli. O' ye and to support the fam.


Now im no guru when it comes to relationships, although i do know a thing here and there. What I am certain of is that right now as you read, the society is undergoing the 'break up season.' "AD. how could you be so certain?" Well please allow me to preech--"church!". For those who are still stumped about the relationship cycle it works like this. Sidenote, there is a movie that i cant exactly remember the name yet it identifies this cycle the best. I remember this because some girl dragged me to watch it. Anyways moving on!, when new years arrives every year people began to make wishes. Although, subconsciously 90% of the time those same wishes will apply to someone new throughout the following year. As the snow began's to diminish and drain throughout the sewers, relationships begain to slide as well. In otherwords, girls this is the time where your man may get bored of you and start losing the romatic touch from earlier in the dating era. Likewise, guys this is the time where your girl argue's with you over the most stupid little things. Let me make this clear STUPID little things. Anyways, this is just the beginnig of the annual slope. Once, spring arrives it gets worse. People began to add other random potential's on facebook and single friends hint to you that their friend is intrested in you. O' and it gets worse, guys began to look at other girls because women are now unbuttoning their blouse a little more and are wearing more tights. Girls, are watching me because they can see the defintion underneeth the shirt. Ooops! i ment in generall. As well realtionships tend to become real sour around this time and mates doubt if they should even be in the relationship. As time pro-longs, summer arrives such as now and mates are at their full end/torence/capacity. They simply or ignorantly state to their mate that its eventually time to break up because of such and such, and that they dont feel the same way because of such and such OR "your a f----'n such and such, get out my life." Usually the girls tend to do that sort of stuff. For me to be even more assuring, i've had a couple people already in this last couple weeks telling me that thier relationship is no longer. This maybe because of numrous amount reasons, the one's i try to stay away from but yet still lend a comforting hand too. I do know its not hard to get over that break hump, and for those who are in that delimma right now, my heart and this post is for ya'll. Basicly ya'll need to maintain to keep your head up and realize that change is good. C'mon now its the year of OBAMA (*change campaign). We all need to take a good look at our selves and determine what we want to do in life and where we want to be, before we plan who we want to be with. Not to put down anyone who is instrested in another individual at this point of the season. Im just generally saying that the world and others are full of endless opportunities. Excercise them

-Older post from May

So it is true people, the cycle is in effect. I said it once, and i'll say it again. We are currently in the transition of seasons. Therefore read my ish' once more.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Whats your guilty pleasure? Some people have told me a couple strange awkward pleasure's. Although I guess thats the whole point of having a guilty pleasure. Today marks the day that I pubicly announce my guilty pleasure. Not to say that I havent ever told anyone, because I have. Yet on wider spectrum, this marks the first.

Drum roll please...

I find that I enjoy chick songs. You maybe either be right now like "What the F@#%" or just be simply laughing. But yes, im facinated, f-it, I like most chick songs! For example, Danity kane-showstoppa and Katy perry-I kissed a girl. Dont get it twisted, I dont go and whind up myself or nothing. Mans like me dont do those. Yet, your most likely to find you and your bestfriends's club/sex jam on my ipod. I dont know what it is, but for some reason it just gravitates me. I thought I might just share a song with you that I've adored for a long time, although it never truly got exposure.


Youtube surfing and came across this.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Shout out to Neeks, Happy Birthday shoutayyy!


Although, this car right here looks like a beauty. The 2 tone used sold me in a second.


Ludacris couldn't have said it any better in his track 'Slap'. I truly feeling like slapping someone straight in their jaw to let out some frustration. Honestly, I would keep it REAL TALK on this post. Although due to people who I dont like who read my blog, I cant do such. Yet, I can say that for those who..

talk shit behind my back,
give 5 hours a week to work,
those who step on shoes,
and as well to the women who keeps nagging on my back each and every other second about my room,

sigh writting that felt good...

Monday, September 14, 2009


...Great Marketing team!


Only yezzy can do such a thing because he is a don. To have the nerve in inturpting tayor's speech to say beyonce deserves the award. HAHAHA! I nearly choked on my turkey bone when I saw that. Now thats entertainment people.

Aside from the madness, the long awaiting performance from Mr. Hova, who performed my favorite track off blurprint 3 was excellent. Although, half way through he looked and sounded as if he was running out of breath, it was still great. Nevertheless, my wife Alicia keys did her thang. She mos def' knows how to sooth the soul.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


So I pose this question to all the ladies. Is it honestly that bad to get at a dude when you have a man? Well basicly, its been 3 days into the school year already. Well, 2 for me including today because I have Wednesday off. Anyways, I ask this question because earlier today a sweet lady came to my attention and told me straight up that she would be with me if she didnt have a man. My first instinct was like "What the F@#%!" Although, she was looking mighty cute and had mad swag, therefore I wasn't that offended. Funny thing is that her man was right behind her not paying any mind to what she was telling me. O' suu wuu. Well, afterwards I thought to myself, like "dayum, boy o' boy what I would do to that" Yet, in class as I was daydreaming I thought to myself why is that girls have these urges with dudes when their supposedly spose to be commited. I thought the old fashion tendency or sterotype was to be directed at man for this, although things have now changed. More and more girls are being upfront with the way they feel. Clearly today was a prime example.
Personally, im not a cheater type, although I could care less if she wants to cheat or not. Wait..let me make this clear I dont care if she- (i.e) as in the girl today not my girl who wants to cheat. Evidentally she's not satisfied in relationship becuase she's now rebelling and looking for someone else to execute what her current man can't. Woomp Woomp Woomp! This issue seems to be frequently surfacing. Shit' everyone only has one life so live it up. In otherwords, take risks and well be fruitful LOL! Thats cited from the bibble.
Anyways, I dont think there is any real conclusion or resolution to this issue. Its pretty much straight forward. Either be faithful "best I ever had" or freaky dicky "stanky leg".

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


K ya'll its about time that I start breaking hearts and take a picture of my closet. Dont worry take as much time as you need to digest how beautiful it looks.
*Giggle giggle, i'm playing. Although this will be my closet or better in the next 3 years, at the rate im going. So to actually answer your infamous question who's room is this? Its actually closet of Chris 'slap a trick' Brezzy.

Now carry on, with the rest of your day as I will keep listening to Jay-z-Thank you (on repeat)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Both albums are ABSOLUTELY DOPE without a doubt. I've been long awaiting this blueprint piece to come out from late 07'. That aint no joke, real talk. I was mad disappointed when he pushed it back from it's last year release. Im sure eveyone remembers the ill track 'Jocking Jay-Z', which was spost to be the single. But O' well..Wommp Wommp Wommp! I dont dwell on the past, it is what it is. Without further a-do its here now. Therefore everyone go cop that head bobbing' dope shit. Neverthess, I cant forget shortly before Jay's album came out, there was Cudi. Kid Cudi that is. His album on 'Man on the moon' is most def an album not for everyone. Its definately one I will play each and everyday, although it sure is different. Im intrigued to it because of that simple fact of it being different and unsual. Kid Cudi reflects the youth and group of vivid people who's voice and art are not shared on a greater scheme. Therefore, phenomenal avenue will always appreciate his great work and emotional story's.
Although, all in all there can only be one winner. Some may not agree with this decision, and some may. But my winning vote is nominated to Jay-z. This is because before I listend to the whole album I already had half of it leaked on my ipod. Nevertheless, half way through the album around 11/15 I declared the album a Classic. Shit I dont know how anyone can deny the voice of alicia keys voice on 'Empire state of mind', and say its not a classic. Well, look at it this way think of any rapper that has had more than 2 classic albums? And im talking solo albums not groups. If so please do holla, because I dont think there is. Well not unitll now B******!
"Drake's up next lets see what he does with it"
-Jay Z

Monday, September 7, 2009


Did I ever mention the love of my life is pancakes?
And im dead honest, there is no day that I deny the pleasure of a pancake.
Just thinking of the maple syrup (the expensive ish') dripping down the fluffy layers of panckes, makes me want to skeet. I've had many pancakes from different people in the past, and not till' today did I ever narrow it down the top 3 pancake bakers. Well.....without further a-do...
1) Granny-Each bite of her pancakes are classic, its like she sizzle's them with soul
2)Dre's mom-she pop locks and drops it on those bad boys. Serves a mean dish
3) My god mother-she makes them fluffy & tiny like the bottom of a pop can, *bona petite!
O'ye most def' I have to have fresh Orange Juice, Bacon, Hash browns and French toast alongside my Pancakes. YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!


I was un-invited to a photoshoot for the day because of bad behaviour so instead I...

-eat cereal for half of the day, as I sat watching the game marathon
-did some blog surfing/shoe shopping
-did 4 loads of launrdy X ass load of dishes
-severly burnt my two burgers in the oven because I was too facinated with listening to J*DaVeY
-was convinced by Dre to somehow drive to Montreal for the Jay-Z concert
-broke my garage door (not cool)

and now I wait patiently for my mother to make it back home from our home away from home N.Y! N.Y! Hopefully she'll bring back something good for me. Although, in most cases I should not get my hopes up. This is because she frankly doesn't have the best taste, nor comprehend anything I ask for. Wommp Wommp Wommp! Anyways, I got a 9:00 class tommorow, (how fun?) I just hope that everyone else had an above decent labour day.



When your eating something in your hand like a pizza or doughnut, and a piece of it slips. As it slowly drips from you hand, you can watch it fall down in slow motion. Once it hits the ground, you or better yet let me say I become utterly dissapointed. This is because afterwards, I desire that piece in my mouth. Im sure this has happend to you and everyone else. Aint it a b****!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


His shoes are fire, although they look like their size 15.


BP3 TOUR makes its way to Toronto sometime in october, supposedly on halloween or very close to it. I dont have to doubt that Dre and I will be in attendence. Also, my barber who knows drake personally was telling me the concert falls real close to drake's birthday. Therefore I wont be surprised if I see a cameo from the canadian phenomenon.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Wolf J's mixtape has finally made it way out of the vault, so that it can bring dope happiness to each and everyone. The tape consist of unique, different and by far vivid melladic concepts and sounds. Be sure to listen out for your boy AD. on the tape. Make sure to get familar.
Get it here for free at
O' yea! Your a lame if you dont download it



Thursday, September 3, 2009


So this new chapter of my life is sure on its way. I have no exact clue to what is going to happen but so far, its been umm, intresting. Just this summer was surely 'something else'. If you asked me what do I have to show for it? I would be like, "ummmm...uhhh!" But for the most part its a trunkful of facebook add's, dripping handful of phone numbers, and a sore knee from playing ball. I must say its been a journey that im not willing to let go of. I only hope others out there have learned or found within themselves something new. For example that they are stronger than they appear (emotionally and physically) or that life is endless, therefore take risks and be daring to new things. O' well, i've done said it before school is on the way. So get your mind right and out of the gutter any more because summer is done. Shit, fellas go find a girl to be the wife for summertime. Ladies, calm the hell down and pull out them trackpants (I like, I like!) instead of those mini ass skirts with the pockets dangling down your leg.



When someone tells you that you didnt do something when you actually did. But yet they dont have nerve enough to admit, nor are they willing to let their pride down to do such...That stuff gets on my nerves all the dog on' time.