Monday, June 29, 2009


Honestly, this was a little while back but I forget to post this episode, O' well!
Were all in there working on Wolf J's new 'UpSideDownDay' mixtape. The session was consumed by the track 'New Vogue'. Be sure to look out for him in the near future.



I thought this was the dopest performance last night on the BET awards. Im not usually a Ne-Yo fan. But I must admit he killed one of my MJ classic's down pat. Executed "The lady in my life" to the fullest. Congrats to the pigeon head man, ouch that was kind of rude. As well I was happy to see my little homey Soulja boy run around the stage like a fool. Oh snap, and Mary Mary was dope too. Lastly, im not even going to speak about the one leg Drizzy sitting on a stool kicking it with 10 year old girls. Nevertheless, im still proud of the dude.


This is how I feel when I have to wait on people or have nothing to do, and im absolutely bored. In otherwords, thats when im "what-liss". Honestly its not a good look.


Aside from these blogs, I have a folder of over 70 blogs that I regularly browse through. These are just a couple of my favorite, that I thought I might share with ya'll.


How do i put this? I just simply cant save. I wish money of mine could go into an account that I couldn't touch for a whole year. My mother tells me, I have a "hot hand for money," only because it burns in my hand and pocket. Causing me to go and spend it. For instace, I even tried taking my money and putting it into a shoe box, out of my room. Clearly this didnt work because I still always had the temptation to use it. As well, in the back of my mind I always felt like someone was going to snatch it. Nevertheless, for the moment I felt like a boss.
I dont understand why is that my money is consumed most of the time by the most little/stupid things. It could be on movies, shoes or mostly food. Whatever it is, my account balance is not looking pretty. Homey Dre knows that i've had this addiction for a long time now. Which I only pray that it stops some day; atleast till' im rich. If anyone is willing to donate, feel free!


Saturday, June 27, 2009


I cant take this itch to see this movie no more. Im in desperate need to see Transformers 2. I've honestly been waiting a whole year and a half for this movie to drop, and now that its here im slacking. O' gosh! Like honestly, im a movie freak. Im always watching movies on the daily. Although i've sadly been slacking on the new releases. I still want to see Terminator, The Hangover and Up. Major slackage on my part.
O' well I cant take this no more, im going to see it now and thats final.


Today on my way back home I bumped into a old homeboy Ben from highschool. We both began to catch up on old good times and recent events. Beyond all the conversational (if thats a word-fuck it I dont care its my word now) bullshit that people endure to talk about. We got into some nitty gritty 'real talk' shit. Other than me telling him my plans for the future and what im doing now. He mentioned to me that him and his girl finally deliverd their baby on June 2nd. The little baby girl's name is Isabella. Ofcourse, the name was inspired by my advice--nah I lied. But sure enough from the pictures he showed me on his blackberry (crack/poisen berry) his daughter looks chubby and beautiful. Oddly, she resembles him alot. Other than that, he tells me that she keeps him up alot, plus he still has to try and find energy for work. As well, he joyfully tells me that he is so proud of his little girl and that she is the center of his life. She is the Best thing he has ever had, and thinks about her every second of the day. At this point im imagining if I was expecting/or had a baby; how I would feel. I can surly assume that I would be very protective of my little girl and would want to hover over her every minute. But to tell you the truth, i'd rather not think about it. Im just not in any state to do that nor am I even ready. O' lord! so far from financially ready also. Nevertheless, we moved on talking about his girl and her wild cravings. That he got in a fussy agrument with her while she was pregnet, because she wanted Taco Bell at 11pm. So he replied back to her saying "babe its closed, I cant do anything about it" (Exactly like I would). Little did he know, he was in a danger zone after he said that. So they raved back and forth, but really he should have just said "k, babe i'll see what I can do". Just in order to make things smooth and right.
Before Ben and I departed ways, he strongly stated that this experiece has made him a better man. He know's he has alot ahead of him although he is taking care of his responsibilities. I only hope the best for Isabella, Ben & his girl.


Have you ever took the time to think about your falults in life? In otherwords any regrets or things you would change differently? It came to me all one evening, and I sat there like "dayumm" I was honestly shocked by the way I act sometimes. The way I treat people and also sometimes the way I conduct myself. Now I dont mean to vent out and all. But there a couple things that I do regret ( I hope thats not bad) Although dont get it twisted, I regret some good and bad things. So in order for me to change these faults, I am pledging to hopefully change it all by the end of this year. Yeah! I know its a little late for a new year's resolution, but O' well!

Friday, June 26, 2009



I found out the king of funk's birthday is the same as mine. Uhhhhhh! That's whats up!
R.I.P James brown


Have you ever had to encounter seeing someone you just either wouldn't aspect to see nor do you even want to talk to them. Or passing ways with someone you haven't talked to in while, and your not exactly sure how to approach the situtation. Shit' could be mad awkward. Many times i've had people from my highschool come in my work to shop. Obviously, I tend to catch on very quick awareness that their in the store, so I usually tend to lean back a little because I rather not talk to them. Sometimes that is just the way I conduct myself. If I have no reason to talk to you and if neither have I made the effort to talk to you, I just simply wont talk to you. It may appear a little disrespectful, but most of the time I just dont give a dayum. So therefore I secretly tend to hide in little creases of the store or act like im getting a shoe and go sit in the back.
Now I pose this question to you. How do you approach a converastion with someone you havent talked to in a while? (hense this is not a person you want to be shy of)Usually shit' could be mad awkward, but I guess thats only true if you make it that way. I could be like " about them raptors?"(in absolute sarcasim)But however the situation appears, I advise all to atleast create a welcoming pressence. In otherwords, dont make it seem like your ignoring them or either playing them for the fool. Just be spontaneous and also somehow interact with one another. A smirk or wink is never harmeless.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


The king of pop has somehow always placed a toll in each of our hearts. Especially mine since a youth. I will never forget those times standing infront of the tv mimicking each and every move he does. Being in the shower swinging each of my limbs and what not right to left to a classic of his. Sitting in my room, being in utter fright of the song thriller. As well, constantly watching his concert on my old dusty tape untill my vcr could not play it any more. I could not possibly forever forget the joy he has givin me. This man in my eyes was merly a symbol of jesus, other than ray allen. He made any body feel like their somebody, now thats dope.
As I was at work earlier today my boss, came up to me and said that he was dead, and as usual I just brushed it off like it was a rumour (same way I did about aaliyah) Yet only to find out by my mother on my break that it was absolutely true. Michael was found dead in his house due to heart failure. Sadly, once I found that out, it struck a nerve. Then I began thinking about his family and many friends and fans he's affected. Somehow I still dont want to accept the fact that he's actually gone. Even though secretly, I felt that his time was going to come real soon. Nevertheless, at the age of 50, this man who was willing to go back on tour was an amazing individual and will be cherished forever. I can only imagine from this day on, the many tributes and songs were about to hear about him. Sidenote, my mother has been hitched to the tv watching CNN for the longest damn time. O we'll, if you ever been a fan of his work, do take time out and listen to a song or album of his to pay your respect.

[August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009]

Friday, June 19, 2009


This sunday is major in the streets of downtown Toronto. Not only is Much Music holding their annual MMVA awards that day. But around the corner from the much music head quarters, the Cool Kids will be performing on Dundas Square. I believe the show will be free of charge, but please dont take my word on it. Although, seeing that it will be outside in the broad, I dont see why it wouldn't be. So therefore those dope music lovers and whomever isnt't much of a head rock head, come and enjoy the show.
Not to mention I went to see the Cool Kids and Q-tip when they last came to Toronto, and is was mad crazy. So I can only imagine how intence its going to be this sunday.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Its not a game! this dude is real talk. I've already introduced Mateo to you last month to take in. If you havent yet got the chance to hear him out, download chapter 1 of the underneeth the sky mixtape series. Then! once your done that, save up a couple more megabites for chapter 2 that he just dropped not too long ago. This dude has some crazy harmonies that need to be shared with the world. Anyways I havent finished downloading it yet (due to having a PC) but im mad anxious.
So ummm ye... take that! take that! (Diddy voice)

Monday, June 15, 2009



We all encounter some time or another, "Oh' you were so sweet and cute when you were young", as if we really care. Personally I think when people mention stupid sayings like that, it just means there trying to nicely put that i've grown into this monster now. Which frankly, I dont give a dayum. Honestly, at any age the elderly will continue to mimick and fantasize about our youthful childhood. This is not a bad thing, yet it sure can be annoying (well to me atleast).

Anyways, i've decided to post these couple baby pictures of yours truly. I sincerly apologize about the major pixalation in each picture, but o' well grow up!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I dont care what anyone can say or comment about how I feel about the lakers. That team has always made me sick to my stomach. The only players that I ever liked that played on that team were Magic and James Worthy. Personally, I feel like that team is way to full of themselves. Especially the new proclaimed MVP Kobe Bryant. He's nothing but a trick in my eyes and always will be. Must i repeat it again, im a hater! well only against the lakers and whom ever else is on the bandwagen.

The day you ever see me wear a Kobe Bryant jersey is the day the world ends.

P.S everyone in the Orlando Magic Franchise keep your head up, there is always next year even though I wont be rooting for you. But theres always next year.


Video kinda scares me, but the song is live!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


So overall the show was good. Other than the Dj fucking up every once in a while and the show actually starting late, I enjoyed it. The night was compiled of good music eazing through the streets of Toronto. Many people came out to the show, including the fam (you know who you are) DJ Illegal Alien, Meg & Charlene (2/3 of the discombobulated tricks!), Claire, Tse, Lavar, Ron D, Dat chick Neeks,Willie T... so on and so forth.
Everyone came out looking good and keeping it one hunded' for the night. I was absolutely head bobbing to KJ's opening performance of the night. That dude has mad talent. I've said it once and i'll say it again. If you dont have the mixtape yet, get familiar and scroll down some posts. Then after, (around 12:30ish') the main set from Blake began shooting the airwaves. With him introducing himself through his 'Welcome to my world' track on his mixtape tittled Welcome to my world. (O' snap I didn't at first even book that!) Anyways, throughout the night he performed many tracks of his recent mixtape as well as some new exclusive tracks, along with a couple freestyles. The two banger tracks of the night was the radio hit' Dreamgirl and Summer Body Fit featuring Shane Tone. The track got such a good response from the crowd, that many people demanded both of them to perform an encore of Summer Body Fit. Therefore there was only one thing left to. Well..c'mon now they had to do what it do!

Look out for KJ, Blake Carrington and Shane Tone in the near future.
It always feels good to experience live artists before many people hop on'.
Lastly, here are a couple pics from the night...

Friday, June 12, 2009


I want this to be a notice to all people of the world. When you have you people close to you, like your friends and family. Love them to the fullest. Sometimes we take things for granted and which makes us overlook the smaller things. As well, I must admit that I am a victim of taking things for granted. My life is never fine and dandy, yet most of the time I try to enjoy it as much as I can. Nevertheless, close people like my grandmother has not been feeling much good for some time now. Some may secretly think that maybe soon is her time and now every little moment with her is what we should treasure. Some how I disagree with that state of mind. This is because I cant bare to see my grandmother in pain, and sitting in a home. Thus, I havent seen her for about a year now because of that same reason. It dreds to me think the only one true women in my life who's been there and raised me may anytime pass. She was the first women to install values into me and how to treat a lady. I swear I could credit my whole life to her. (she's f---'n best!) Although, whats worst is that I frequently hear her telling me in my head that her "time is soon." Honestly, I cant much explain it, because shit' who am I kidding this is the internet (everyone reads!) Yet the point of the matter is, if you have any certain type of love for someone, although you cant exactly share it. At least keep them close, so that both of you reocognize that you have one another.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Catch Blake Carrington tonight on college street alongside Shane Tone and KJ.
The Fam and I are most def' going to be in affect to show love.
Good music X Good people X Good Times


So today I had a serious dream that I cant forget. Well from what I can last remember, I was walking down this dark street late at night going home. The street lights were the only thing bright. It was so dark that my own image seemed to look faded as if I was locked up in a basement. Nevertheless, at the corner of my eye I began to see a flash of lightning, that led to a thundering noise. Right after that, the street lights faded into vibrant purple's and aqua's. (And no people I was not high or anything) Well as any other person would be at this time, I was a little freeked out. So I began to pick up the pace of my journey. Then a couple seconds in, I tripped as I casually happen to do time to time. Moving on, as I was getting closer to my house I felt a whisper brezzing past my face quickly. Yet, it was saying the most random things, like my name and food, and also mentioning something about the alphabet. Everytime I heard a name of a food I eat, I was like "uhhh! thats whats' up". When really I should have just shut my mouth because once I spoke, more wierd things began to happen. So, I took a glance at my chest, and I noticed a large bump rapidly growing from underneeth my shirt. At this time my heart began beating hardocre. So out of safety, I attempted to touch it but then it stopped. Like I mean it vanished for a couple seconds untill it began growing from everywhere and I could feel it growing within me and streching my skin. Right as I was merly at my door step I felt invisible hands touching me. Word! I swear I was getting raped. Ughh! like someone was grabbing my ankles and pulling my ear. Awkward!! Anyways, I placed my key into my door and slowely openend the door, so my mom wouldn't wake up. As the door was 3/4 open, a large, no sorry an enormous push of wind pushed me back (in a slow flying motion) about 8 feet. Slapping my face stragiht to the ground. Once I had the capabilitly of opening my eyes I saw someone standing in front of me. It was.....

Now you could thank my my mom for waking me up to "Adrian!!! Get up and wash the dishes!" (trini accent) out of that intence dream. Yet, im going to always be curious of who that person is. Hmmm...Who know's maybe it was you?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Honestly I dont even know what to really tell ya'll. Other than if your a hiphop head, this is an absolutly crazy mixtape. I'm more than impressed. Since the first time I met KJ in the studio, and peeped his verse on Wolf's mixtape (on its way!) secretly I was waiting for this ish' to pop off. He reminds me of a Q-tip X Drake X Chuck english..."nahh f that" he sounds like KJ. If you aint already know get familiar!!! Most def' download this mixtape because its a breath of fresh heir (literally!)


Im going to make this short and sweet. I hate when you sweep dust, and collect a good strong proportion. Then once before its time to dump it, you brush it all in your dust pan. We all somehow end up with that little annoying dustline that wont pick up. Only ofcourse if your willing to lick it up or something. Otherwords, that line never dissappears so you have to brush it in a corner or something to prevent anyone from seeing it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009





Friday, June 5, 2009


Homegirl Nicole is found modeling for the piece "why men cheat?" in the new 'Illistrious Magazine' check more of her out on ... Cannon!!!



-around the way wifey, Vashtie


These chukka's are absolutely dope, a must get!


So today i encounterd someone with a problem (at least thats what i thought!) Well I guess the best way to tell you, is first is to describe this individual. So here I go. He was a scruffy, smelly, nappy and as it looked also itchy man in the pressence of yours truly. Earlier today he asked me for a size in a shoe at my workplace. So ofcourse I followed up his request, and as I was watching him pull off his shoe, i could see a big hefty whole circulating the middle of his foot. As if there was no point in wearing the damn sock in the first place. Im telling ya'll it was bad, to the point where all of his five toes were being completely exposed. Nevertheless, that was just the beginning. Plus who who am I to talk, we all have those times where we notice a whole in our sock (yet never to this measure) Anyways, as I was monatoring the area, I was getting slapped right, left and center with a stinky smell. I must be allergic to smelly people because during times like that I cant think straight, neither even breeth. Moving on, I saw about two green booger flakes hanging from his nose, patiently waiting to drop. At that time I sort of smerked instead of being grossed out. Only because i wanted to see it drop on his lip. LOL! I have problems. Anyways, he approved my assumption that he was not going to get the shoes in the first place. Therefore when he got up to walk away, the dreadful man picked his wedgy from his behind. (Do what you got to do!) Although, I could swear some people either act like they dont come from their mother or just simply dont give a dayum.
Furthermore, this makes me think is there any possible nice way in telling a stranger they stink and need to clean up?

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Look dudes its 2009, year of change. Ive done said it many times that each of our games need to change. Now what im basicly trying to get at, we need to simmer down on the hard knocks. You might be like "what the f---?" But really and truly, homie michelle recently told me that guys are just utter pathetic now a days. Hardly, girls come across a gentlemen out of the perv bunch. Which I find very wrong around this time. It is our responsibility to be a little more old fashion and nice to women. Is it so hard in saying "Im sorry, I couldnt help tell you I find you very attractive, but beneath that I sence your a very warm-hearted women. Could there ever be a chance that we can just get to know one another?...Wait hold your breath, and just take my number if your ever intrested. And I guess if you dont call i'll have to stalk you"--nahhh! im playing about that last part. Sidenote, guys take notes. But im sure ya'll can understand what im getting at. Personally I dont hit on girls nor have any pick up lines. I usually rely on my charm and grace (wink!) I cherish that about me because that shows im just being real and no b.s. Nevertheless, dont look up to me, do you! Play your cards the way you want, hopefully the chips work your way. Only as long as you dont degrade women or become eagerly aggressive while trying.


As I sit down and think about the essence of time and how it applies to all. I ponder how dangerous it really can be. My theory is that time is built on the foundation of life, other than God ofcourse. In otherwords, we all know we must use time, but is it that time is using us? Wow im beginning to think all messed up after watching an episode of 'CSI' then after 'House'. I feel that time has no reflexes and neither can be bent. Although I do feel that time does play with our minds greatly. This is because we have days where we feel that time can either pass very fast or become very slow. Fellas, dont you hate when your putting in work (ahem! ahem! don't play like you dont know what I mean) but time cuts you short. Or ladies when time is speeding because your sitting on your bed waiting for that dude to call you (when you secretly are thinking he's cheating, but really he's in the washroom taking a #2) What im trying to get at, is there any good to time? In addition, the fact also remains, that time is the incentive reason why we rush things. Personally, pateience is not one of my best traits, therefore I perfer to look forward to things and plan consistently. As well, I am more effiecient when I am productive. Enough about me, the point of this post is that time is distructive in many ways. If we choose to let it get the best of us, it sure will. For instance, we all have childhood memeories and still till this day where we get highly anxious about where or what is going on the following day. In result, this says that time is false for leading us on. You can either agree to disgree (Got that from 'Smart Guy') but it is what it is. Furthermore, its very annoying to think that time is holding us back from doing what we want. We all have had those times where we once said " If only I was older" or some other random reason regarding time. When actually in all faith, if we were/are more accertive then time is not an asset. There is a saying that creative individuals walk to their own beat. Although in generall, everyone should walk to their own beat instead of the beat ticking from the clock.
No matter what time it is, if you have a dream or goal continue to strieve for it. Neither people or time can stop that from happining.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Dont you hate when you try so hard not to like a song, yet after hearing it for so long you began to like it. Its crazy how powerful these stupid songs really are. I have to admit that 10% of my ipod playlist is garbedge music, that simply is repetitive dance moves like "do the stanky leg!" or either has gibberish hooks like "turn my swag on!" Hopefully its just not me who becomes compelled to listen to these fad songs. Nevertheless, each individual has guilty pleasure songs that they perfer not to admit. It may secretly be booty poppin Miami juke music or the Jonas brothers. Whatever it is, we dont usually intend to bump to these tunes. It's out of utter surprise that it catches our attention, yet we still go along with it. Its not anything to be shamed of, although sure something to be pissed off about.

Monday, June 1, 2009




Now recently many people have been frequently asking me the same questions, therefore now im going to adress a couple and let it be for now.

What am I up to?
Speeding the highway of life without looking back. Take it however you want.

What are you going to school for? and what do plan on doing in the future?
Currently im going to ------ for Business Marketing, then after if im not sipping champaigne in my yawt by the time I graduate. I most likely will enroll into fashion arts at -------. Hopefully, in the next 2 years I will be close of taking over the world (oops!) I ment uplifting the world. I cant get into specifics just yet, although for those close to me, they know what's up.

LOL! uhhh!..lets just say its summer, and if certain people aint popping! (chris brown voice) then I got to keep the ball rolling as usual. In otherwords, im playing it cool how ive always done.

Whats the shoe game saying?
K, its obvious I have a problem, therefore I have close one's around me to prevent that addiction from occuring. (Even though that won't really stop me)

Lastly whats your number so i can get at you?
It's 647-476-4910..
Get Familiar!


His stare is such a creeper, what would you do if this dude was outside of your house wild'n like this?


When I get pissed off this track triggers off in my head, or I either bump it to the max untill my speakers flare up.