Thursday, December 31, 2009


Jesse Boykins III- Itis (Official Music Video) from Jesse Boykins III on Vimeo.

This is easily the best soul album ive heard this year. Not to mention Itis is my favourite track on it alongside Be the truth, Chanel and Pantyhose. I look forward to hearing more stuff from Jesse in the near future.
All in all because this video is absolutely dope it gets the AD. co-sign. Chizzah!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


DC Starts Off The Conversation,
Cuz We Was In Yo Town For The Inauguration
We Froze Our Asses Off, It Wasnt Just Me
That Was A Small Price To Pay To See History
Biggies Movie Came Out And Got Shine,
Ne-Yo And Jim Jones Got Scrappin Up In Loui Voutton
TVs Went Digital, The Governments Lame;
Yall Bought Them Boxes? To Me The sh-ts Still Looks The Same
And I Dont Care About The Fate, Of John & Kate
You Feel Sorry For Anybody It Should Be The Plus 8
Having 7 Siblings Cant Be Calm,
But Ill Take 20 Of Them Before I Take One Octo-Mom
50 & Rick Ross, Thats A New Level Of Beefin.
Lebron Got Dunked On And He Aint Want Us To See It
The News Of Chris & Rihanna Broke In The Streets.
T-Pain Got On The Golf Cart And Broke Some Teeth
Tiny & Toya Got A Show? Thats Crazy.
Tiny, You Gon Get A Second Season? (Yeaa Baby!)
Run DMC They Got Their Own Street,
And Jojo Got Caught Trying To Spark That Leaf
Man The Game Is Bananas
For Playing Hip-Hop Me And Jazzy Jeff Got Kicked Out Of Kansas
Rick Ross Shades Was Phony & Fake,
Enter a Newcomer By The Name Of Drake
The Industry Got To Get It In Gear,
Cuz Its Bad When A Mixtape Is Really The Album Of The Year
And His Vid Wasnt Bad
But I Was Mad At Them Breast I Never Had (Breast I Never Had)
Eminem & Mariah, Sounded Bitter
And We All Took To This New Thing Called Twitter
Where You Could Follow Peeps Just To See What They Say
And If You Want To You Could Follow Me @ AD. ( AH BAY BAY!)
Bernie Madoff, He Was Playing For Keeps.
Amber Rose Became Famous Without Having To Speak
Black Eyed Peas Rolled Deep,
They Blacked Perez Hiltons Eye And Made Him Pee In The Middle Of The Street
Lil Wayne Did It Big, He Said He Wanted To F- Every Girl In The World
And I Think He Did
Chris Brown — Now Thats My Guy,
But How He Do An Interview And All Yall Notice Was The Bow Tie?
The Media Went Hard,
Chris You Want Us To Forget Just Say What Really Happened In The Car
Rihanna, She Kept Quiet — Until She Had An Album To Sell
But We Still Aint Buy It
Mike Vick & A.I. — Back In Action
And We Were Shocked By The Loss Of Mr. Michael Jackson
I Never Thought That Star Would Fall To The Ground,
Mike Was Huge, The News Shut The Internet DownThrough Your Music, You’ll Live On My Friend
And I Know Well Never See A Talent Like You Again
I Gotta Man Up, Cuz Even I Was A Fan Of..
The Real House Wives Of Atlanta
I Love Kandys Song, But That Kim?
(Thats A Dirty Low Down Monkey With A Weave On)
Tardy For The Party Brought Us Some Joy
,But It Never Left The Ground — Just Like The Balloon Boy
And To The Parents, Im Gonna Say Why-Lie!
You Named Him Falcon? But That Dont Mean He Could Fly
Far As R&B Goes, Trey Songz Is The Guy
And Im A Grown Man, But Im Scared Of Lady Ga-Ga
Drakes Knee Kept Saying Hey Bruh, Just Sit
And Kanye Snatched The Mic From Taylor Swift
Then The World Couldnt Stand Him
(Im Really Happy For You — Ima Let You Finish)
Man I Think He Playing That
The Government, Yea They Think They Slick.
What Happened To Clash & Clunkers, That s**t Came & Went
The Hangover, Was Funny As Hell..
And So Were The Rappers Who Couldnt Stay They Ass Out Of Jail
Jay-Z Went On Oprah And Hit Number 1, She Gave Out A Lot Of Chicken,
But She Aint Give Him None
H1N1 Is Causing Drama
And We Was All Shaking Our Heads At Lil Mama
Like, Why Was You On Stage? Nobody Gave You A Cue,
And With A Head That Big, You Should Have Thought That Through!
Nicki Minaj Gave Female MCs Some Help,
But If She Signed Your Boob You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself
Whitney Houston Got Back To Working
And Kids Came Up With This Thing Called Jerkin
Where You Take Dancing & Rappin, Combine The Two
Newsflash: Come On Son That Aint Nothing New
Nas & Kelis They Could’nt Get That Thing Back
Diddy Holla At Me If You Want That Ring Back
Jamie, He Blamed It On The Alcohol And Maybe Thats What Made J-Lo Fall
Health Care Got Passed And Thats Whats Good,
But The Idiot Of The Year Is Tiger Woods
(Its Uh, Its Tiger..)
Could You Say Fail? Who Else Is Named Tiger?
Why Would You Leave The Name On The Voicemail?
He Changed The Game I Suppose
Who Would Have Though He Was Putting 18 Holes
T.I. Came Home, After 7 Months.. I Cant Watch Moniques Show,
Cuz She Yells Too Much
And We Mourned This Year,
I Got To Say — Every Other Day.. Somebody Passed Away
Mr. Magic, Roc Raida, My Man Baatin, Darian, And My Friend A-M
It Was A Very Sad Year To Say The Least,So To Everybody We Lost.. Rest In Peace
-Skillz 2009 rap up

Umm for me I dont know what to say about this year. For the most part I had my ups and downs. I went from retail to no retail. From fight to no talking. From girl to another girl. From bottle popping to vomit droppings. From kickin it' with someone to getting blown off (stop thinking nasty). From shoes to more shoes. From Jay to no more Z. From being spooked..and still spooked ( F*** that paranormal ish') From concert to concert. From movie to movie. DAYUM! O' well whatever!

Im just thankful im still breathing! So TOAST to a new year! and hopefully we will live on past all this misery escapade.


Recently this week I had to come to terms with losing a great friend of mine. Frankly, still to this day it hasn't been the greatest thought to digest. Yet, I continually think to myself if there was only anything that I or anyone can do from preventing this to happen. Sadly, somethings just dont happen to work out that way. This is because God, always has a plan in place for each and everyone.
So due to the unfortunate circumstances, this only pushes me and my surrounding family to work even harder. However I cant speak on the behalf of everyone, although I do know that I carry his voice alongside with me. With that being said, I vow to become more wise, hard working and accertive to the benifit of my family.
I can truly say that you played a backbone role in my life yet as well many others. It deeply hurts within my heart to know that you had to leave. It is not often that one can claim a true loyal, devoted and supporting friend. Many people will encounter different people within their life, whether their a friend, aqauintence or just someone you know of around the way. But you were a friend that I had who shared the same vision beyond any means. For that I will always be thankful for. As well, you will always be appreciated and loved by each and everyone of us.

So please dont take this as a goodbye, but instead as a see you later

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Its been a while since i've written anything, so I thought those readers out there might appreciate it. It may have been because of my long posts that they fell in love with the blog in the first place. Or maybe not. I dont blame those people who pick out my endlees amount of spelling mistakes. To tell you the truth, I dont spell check much on my blog if ever. However I do slightly read it over. But anyways! The point I want to bring up today is...are you obligated to be happy during the christmas season?
Consistently, I think about how the society overwhelms themself with stress throughout the month. In otherwords, allow me to break it down for you. Im'a school you SON!

1. Steropically, fathers & sons' break their back to manuver lights all over the house. Its not cool to be getting early back pains before a mid-life crisis. Hense, this just adds to the neighborhood jealousy for who has the best looking house. ("N***a you put up any lights?" "Hell nah' whos paying for all that?")

2. Kids become awfully annoying during this season. They jump off the walls, bugg whomever about their ultimate gift and pee their undee's out of anticipation.
Whats worst is if you have to somehow break the fake news about Santa Clause not being real. Then your only asking to recieve the massive temper tandrums. Im so appalled!

3. I know everyone is familiar with this one. Im talking about the ever so long list of people you have to buy a gift for. I could swear at this time people's animal instincts come out. They sniff out their pray (the sale) and they aggresively attack by hurdling over others (getting bodied on the escolater) to just swallow their pray, whole (give the people at cash/change rooms a hard time) Nevertheless, in most cases the people you bend your back buying something for are the same people you get a shitty gift from. Wommp Wommp Woommp!

So again you tell me is it all worth the hype to be happy during christmas? It is only the day Jesus was born, can we not just be thankful for that and that only. Sheeshhh!
O' well it just sucks that some things will just never change. But one thing that will change are the awful days when I had to get dressed and pamperd by my mother, just to go to the old folks christmas partys'. These are the un-golden days when I was 4 feet, slighty chubby, big lip and dreamed about being the captain of my own jolly ship. Anyways, I will never forget the awful knitted sweaters I wore along with the extra buffed black dress shoes. Makes me sick just thinking about it. However, I wish I had that memrobilia with me today. The only things I think I still own is my fingertip sized Ewing shoes and Jordans. O' snap and my bib. "
Okay AD. your getting out of hand"
Sooooo! as I was saying, is it worth putting on the front during the holiday to look happy. It aint no fancy movie documenting your every last move. Therefore, I sure know im not going to play the fool. Shit' just this mourning I was upset by watching Kanye expose selling his soul to the devil. Not Cool! After that my mood for the whole day was weak. Any-whoo! for those who read this it will be christmas or either after. But either way, I wish you a very merry xmas and happy new year!
Not! Sorry i'm just playing no im not!

My not impressed look.
Eh' I
see you! stop looking up my nose!


Friday, December 18, 2009


“For 30 days starting from today my entire album “The Headphone” will be available for FREE download as a thank you but more importantly stressing that the music is the most important thing. I would rather people who dont know get a taste and people who do know get a gift, this concept was not a concept i came up with on my own” KJ
K look, this is serious when i have to go out my way to blog something right before leaving to my exam. I have the upmost respect for this dude's work. I can honestly speak from the heart when I say this guy will become much more than he now appears. Honestly, he is the drum, kick and bass of your long awaited good soul hiphop venture. I advise all to GET FAMILIAR! This is KJ's album that people are fortunate to download for 30 days of today. So shit' please bless your earlobs with magical greatness. Thats enough from me, the album speaks for its self.

KJ-Repeat Official Music Video from Lavado Stubbs(conchboy films) on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I am declaring a better blog in the new year.



back in full effect, to slap you in your mouth and make your grandma shout!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Thought i'd delight people with somthing dope.

J*DaVeY Mr. Mister

J*DaVeY ( MySpace Music Videos


I know its been a hot minute since anything has been up so I aplogize. Alot has been going on lately although do stay tuned for a lot more to come.