Sunday, May 31, 2009


Okay lets be real people. We all some time or another pass gas. Im sure we don't usually enjoy doing it, wait let me take that back. Only because I know some certain people that do. Although generally speaking, passing gas a.k.a farting is not the most plesent or ettiqute thing to do around others. Usually smelling others nasty semi toxic humane gas, makes people say,"ewww!" Even though we all do it. No one is to be exempted for doing it nor should they ignore their own gas. If anything people, please make it clear when your with a group or other individual that it was in fact you. Don't play it off and look around like "who did that?" or blame it on an innocent person because I know we all have done that. 
Lets just be real! Sometime it's not our faults because we had too much to eat or had something that triggerd our toxic gut. All in all, keeps it real not funky--only because i sure kept it funky today. 

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Honestly Im very fed up with things right now. Homie Charlene introduced me to this new blog, with this guy living my life. Indirectly he's really not, although I felt suddenly jealous. As if what am i really doing wrong with my life? I think people and I are leaning back too much and letting time slip through our hands without really noticing. If its any time to do something, stand up and do it now. Before its too late, and your sitting on your sofa in your parents house with a beer belly. Only because that sure as hell aint going to be me. I plan on being well known in the next two years, best believe it. Im almost certain of this, because there have been certain doors and opportunites opening up for me lately. Its up to you and I to break down those doors and shove our selfs in, even if were not invited. In otherwords, its time to blast off! I advise all people at any age, to get out there and do something with your life.


Friday, May 29, 2009


HAHA! kills me everytime I see this. P.S. the video was shot in Toronto.


Dolce (The Diva)

Gabanna (The bully)

Cant take this no more, my two cats have this moaning problem every once in a while. I dont care how much it costs any more, im throwing them dead presidents on the table (more like funky leafs; I forgot i'm in Canada) and getting this problem taken care of by the vet in the mourning before work.

And yes my two cats names are Dolce and Gabanna
Get Familiar!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I recently asked someone a question and they became absolutely speechless. So i pose the same question to you. "If everyone in the word was standing in front of you, and you had all the time in the world. What would you address to them? In otherwords, what would be so impotant that you felt compelled to tell them? Or would you just say "whats going on?"


You know what gets on my nerves is when parents just dont ever understand! I know its not just me who has this problem all the time. Especially the parents that are strict. O' Lord. I've come to the conclusion that parents just have this kind of ego, that they never want to lose because they always feel that they're right. C'mon now is it really necessary all the time. Shit its mad aggrevating to tell you the truth. Some parents like mine usually tend to argue over the most smallest things. As is if a conversatation cant be spoken without temper or a increasing tone. God dayumm! Just thinking about it gets me pissed off. Oh my gosh' have you ever muffled something back underneeth your breath and tried to play it off. Haha! I used to do that, but now i'm too hard headed whereas i just talk back. Who knows? Maybe its because were both taurus's. Whatever it is, my mother and I can  never get along more than a week without bickering at each other. Enough about me, do you ever have these problems?
Generally speaking, I think the relationship between a child and parent can never be perfect, however people may assume. Behind closed doors, its always a different story. Which makes me think about my next point. Does your parents ever act differently when your friends are around? I mean, isn't that the more perfect time to ask for something.(Money, Car keys or hand  in marriage--i'm playing) Although its very true. I know this because i'm a single child and have my little ways when i want to get something, even though i'm naturally spoiled. (when I was younger) I know its not easy being a parent, nor easy to put up with the daily stress from work or bills. Yet that is still no excuse to be good parents. No sorry, excellent parents. But all in all, when everything hits the fan, parents will just never understand.

You like how i made that last sentence rhyme huh? LOL

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


K dudes there is no reason to snap on girls. In otherwords, we need to lose the agressive brezzy attitude. I was very disgusted when I heard about an argument that occured between some dude and my girl homie. There is no need to wild' out on a girl over a basketball game that she is scorekeeping. I dont care there are no excuses to make up for that. If only I was there I might have to Pacquiao a man out--nah I lied. But if needs be, I will. Neverthess, Guys change them behavioural ways.


Louis Vutton's Spicy for $2, 200


Charles Barkley is one of the funniest guys to take in while watching Basketball on TSN
P.S I always wanted his old school purple jersey, along with Penny Hardaway (My favorite player) and never got it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This post is inspired by every women in the world. As well for those girls who come in my store and struggle to chose a bikini to buy. Firstly, I believe each female is truly more than a gift from God. Shit, to be blunt their like human angels. Each and every female makes up the true definition of what the world is built on. That is birth, life and love (mother nature) As well, I adore the different qualities that all of you have. Now im sure I can speak for all men (I hope) that we depend on you. Im not talking about sex--even though' that's great. Yet im trying to relate to how we need you for survival. We need your love, your compassion and strength. So on and so forth.
Moving on, the point of this post is not to boost the fact that men and I love you all. But that women should no longer have fear or have insecurities. Well its hard to say never have any more, but yet you should work on gaining more confidence within yourserlf. Now you maybe thinking "what the hell does this guy know" or simply be giggling at that fact that im talking the truth. Please before I proceed, let me re-inforce that i'm a only child that was raised by a single parent mother. Ive seen and experieced many things that women endure. So I do know a little 1,2 when it comes to the way women feel, should be treated, and as well how they think of themselves. Although, what I ponder; is it too hard to see who you are. Maybe im being a little too vague, but what i actually mean is why cant women generally see their true beauty. Maybe its because their shy? or maybe its because they've been told different? or maybe that they just cant mentally ever be satisfied for what they appear to see. Honestly, instead of saying maybe I should have stated that each of those points take toll in your minds. Im not oblivious to this. C'mon now you should know 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' Yet what is still frustating to me is that, why cant each of you understand that God made you a certain way for a certain reason. I dont want to become all biblical to you, but its true. The craft of each women is built with beautiful grace. This means that because you dont have the hips or bum that famous celebs have, it doesnt make you any different. Every woman on this planet is gorgeous, some may not actually recognize it but do know YOU ARE something special. Trying to create or mold yourself to look a different way is wrong. Only because you were naturally ment to fit in those size jeans, and fit that certain size cup. Again ya'll may be kissing teeth but its real talk. I feel that insecurities can beat down and get the best of us male and female's. Its up to us to know how to fight back, and show our true colours. I know, I know we all have things that we just cant stand about us, it may be weight, teeth or lack of skill. Yet it shouldn't blind us from our true appearence, that is natural beauty. If only I could get a show of girls hands that are disgusted when they look in the mirror. Lets face it woman, each of you cant be a size 1 and in most cases guys dont even like that. Recently I found out that girls jeans can go to a size 0, now is it me or does that sound degrading? Me! I aint ever mad with some meat on the bone, only because thats the way I likes it. Nevertheless, its time for change, Obama said it the best, and im running with it all year. We need change with our lifes, relationships and mental state. Now if your willing to take that step with me, lets both make a positive difference and be whom we really are.

My heart goes out to all women of the world.


Reminds of that Summer fun thats soon to come..
Shit, if only I had a video camera, I would go crazy!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Im here at the studio kicking it with my homeboys Illegal Alien, Shane Tone and Ron D. I came here once I was done playing ball, and many things come to my mind. I sit here pondering when I was young our dreams are so far fetch. Like I mean this is when kids shoot for being professional atheletes and celebrites, as well teachers and politicians. Now basicly what im trying to say is why when we become older those dreams that we once had, differ then eventually fizzle. People who once had high hopes began to have shortage or confidence to pursue their dreams. I dont really understand why this happens. Could it be because pregenancy is throwed in the mix or just because others are trying to put you down for what you believe in. Hmm, I get quit confused when it comes to this. Reason being why I get confused is because its time for change. We need to change these deviant ways and more focused for success. (*All i want to be is sucessful!) 
It is time to continue to strieve for those big dreams and shoot for the sky. Believe in yourself and extend your talent to the upmost. With that being said, there is no excuse not to pursue your dreams.  Therefore be sure to see alot of my work and face soon in the next 2-3 years. Point blank period.


Three of my extremly favorite dope tricks have combined their efforts together to create a blog. I warn you, if your mind is not exactly out there! You may not understand it much, although you should for sure should check these girls out on their blog called

Its a unique mix of fashion meets the witty mind.
Show some love!
Shout out to Meghan Prosper, Asia F. and Poisen Berry!


To all the Phenomenal Avenue viewers, dont be scared to click that little white tab on the right of the blog labelled follow. Recently I found out that there is a hell of alot people reading, which makes me glad. All I ask is dont be shy and represent yourself, along with the rest of the people. Simply that is it..

Now back to regular schedualed programs..



My homeboy Shane Tone,
Happy belated from Phenomenal Avenue
More pictures to come..


Whats going on ya'll..I appreciate all the love and feedback so far, and I know my time here has been well awaiting my arrival. So fear no more, the blog is back in action. Also I hope you adjust top the new look and images. There are plenty more of stories and expereinces that have not yet been expressed. Shit even im gettin anxious to tell ya'll. So stay tuned, and bring along all your friends to walk down Phenomenal Avenue.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


This blog will currently be undergoing some construction, that will benifit to all phenomenal avenue viewers. Due to Anna's great work, and Meg's promotional work. The blog will be upgraded (Beyonce, heeyy!) You can already see the new logo and what not. As well, Willy and I are working on some blog tricks that might come handy. So stay tuned.


For me, this is definetly the word of the week. It just happend to be earlier in the week I was talking with Tone's mom about patience. When it comes down to it, in order for greatness and successes in life you must have patience. There are so many things that we tend to usually rush, instead of actually taking the time to give it our best. If we dont utilize patience then, we began to have regret. Which is never any good for anyone.
Recently someone reminded me that patience towards a friendship is more of an asset than a liability. In otherwords, she (oops!) showed me the best way to eaze into something or get what you want is actually through patience. As well, one can learn better from one another when taking their time. What's a trip is that patience just really applies to everything. It may sometimes hurt and be difficult yet its still at the end of the day a virtue.
Therefore all I can do is cringe, when i have to wait on people because I know im going to be well satisfied in the end. So bare with me ya'll as I try and wait on a magical gift for this blog.




Shout out to Julian and Dre for letting a dude know about the stampede that possibly might go down. Im not going to even speak any more of it. Im just going to let ya'll read it. Sidenote, now I can redeem myself for not going to the drizzy concert. And O' Lord if they get yezzy on this, do know its a gaurentee'd sold out event.

Check it out..

Friday, May 15, 2009


True backpackers such as I stand up. Till' I die im going to be a backpacker and proud of it. Some people will just never understand the culture. Do your Tribe Called Quest research if ya'll aint already know.
But anyways, this dope bag is a must get (if I had the money!) Its got that retro beat up look ive been looking for, with a leather craft. This bag above is part of the Isola D' ischia line. There are actually two other colourways apart from the one shown, look out for them.


I dont know how to feel about these. Like I would think in red it would look dope, but really in truly it looks a lil' odd. Although the charcoal 5's look crazy! Whats with the packs; theres always one good pair and the other is a waste. O' well, it comes out at end the month ya'll.


So where do I start. The last episode of the dramatic tale in 'The game' was stunning. For those who didn't watch, well that just sucks for you. It was full of jokes as usual and also abit of turning climax's. Shout out to my favorite character Derwin, he's the truth. Im proud that girl melanie and him finally got married. Aside from watching it with my loud laughing mother, I enjoyed it very dearly. Hopefully we all will be blessed to see another season. I know im itching to see another episode.



Not clear but woompp woommpp wooommmppp! Deal with it!


Now look, im a tough dude when it comes to horrer movies. Especially now, because each of them are becoming more and more chessy. For some reason the actual movies dont trip me out, although the effects after do. In otherwords, I mean once after your done joking with your date about "that movie was soft, it didn't do anything to me, lets see another." You get out the theatre and things look different from there on. You began to look in every angle to see if anyone is running at you. As well, hear every little sound as if you were blind. Im telling you the shit is mad awkward. Whats worst is when your in the shower, and you look about 5 times to see if anyone is the bathroom with you. Sidenote, one time once I was done scrub-a-dubbing, i saw a small hand print on the misty glass--"O' Lorrrddd". Im telling you its crazy. Also, I dont really have to specify about the traditional craze over the closet. I mean, usually when one goes to sleep, however their room is positioned we all take a couple sneek peeks at the closet. As if someone is in there looking at you. Im prettly sure everyone has done this once. So I know ya'll can agree with me when I consider it awkward.


I encourage all to go out and seek different things around their city. Dont be one who regularly goes out to the club scene every weekend because thats all you know. Those who say "I only go there to dance, not get numbers," well then enjoy yourself at a jazz lounge or group cookout. Better yet, just seek different venues that are amussing and entertaining just as much as a club.
Those who stay home most of the time and are comfortable there, im not mad at you. Being settle along with the comfort of your family is always a great thing. As well, just a simple get to get together with friends and family is also fulfilling. For instance, not too long ago my little cousins came over and asked me to play a little back and forth soccer. Even though I instantly thought "O'man, I dont feel like getting up, neither do I really want to play with them right now." But within a few minutes, I was sweating from having so much fun.
We sometimes just get caught up around the foolish mainstream things, and instead forget about the small great things around us. The tempatation to go on msn, facebook, twitter and watch tv has taken over most of our lifestyle. Would we truly be better with or without it? I think it has it pros and cons, although there is still no excuse for us not to apply ourselves outside the box. I ponder, must we all conform to what others think or do? Are we to shy to stand behind our thoughts and decisions sometimes? Whatever it is, I challenge everyone to do something out of the ordinairy.

Shout out to my little cousins..
Lil' Grace, Mom's cousin, Lil' Noah

Thursday, May 14, 2009



Is it not mad annoying when being bored. I swear its so frustrating. As much as you want to fight it off, and do something. Your still compelled to be lazy and sit there doing nothing. It kills for me, because I perfer to do stuff and have something to look forward too. Chilling is always great but yet theres an extent to everything. If im not chilling with no one and im alone in my own house, things become slighty dry. Maybe thats just because I hate this house and location. Or maybe simply just because im a only child. Who know's? Whatever it is, its not helping the fact that im bored. Times like this my mom would take full advantage in telling me to "read a book." I swear ive been hearing that same line from day one. Whatever, if anyone has any good advice what to do in order for time to pass, holla. But for now im just going to go back and watch the rest of fresh prince on dvd. Good day!


If ya'll havent taken this mixtape in yet. Please get familiar!



Why do some women pick the wrong guys?

As a little kid, you have these little meaningless relationships. But when you get older and more responsabilities come along and relationships dont come as easy as when we were younger. More attachments and emotions are involved.I feel almost as if I've had my share of assholes that maybe i feel as if it is only normal to have shitty relationships where you feel like you have to make the person a good one to you. As if you have to prove to someone they should be good to you. Only to relize that they should be good to you first cause you are not what caused them to be an asshole. Getting into a relationship i feel you should go into it without the extra baggage of crap from the previous relationship. All the extra baggage does is help ruin it. One should love like they have not been hurt. Every situation is different and the baggage is what makes it the same story with a different character.

which brings me to ...When someone in a past relationship hurts you, you cant bring it to the next. Say someone is an ass hole to you. Which in turn you start acting like a bitch to him. You leave him but the next dude you go to is so0o nice but for somereason or another you still have your guard up and you still act like a bitch to this undeserving individual. You cant help but be this way because of fear that he will be like the other. Little do you know you are turning this gentalman into an asshole. So now he starts being an ass hole and you both are done. Where does this go ? He now thinks all girls are bitches so, he now keeps his guard up and acts like an ass hole. Its almost like an endless cycle. The only way to end it is to really love like no one has hurt you right?

which leads me to say what if you do love like you've never been hurt...But somehow you still always get these assholes...then maybe do not be afraid to love?. One attracts the people that they are around. You now are blinded by fear of pain that all you do is attract the pain and you push away the ones that can potentially be the good guys...

Post from a good friend, Eyeza
check her out at


Whats even worst is that I missed out on a intence dress, I could shoot myslef in the foot--no i lied..but god dayuum!



Why is that good guys traditionally lose to the bad boys. Dont get me confused I dont think im classified much as the good guy, although ive been told i have my sweet side...wink wink! Anyways, im thinking does anyone have any sympathy for those good guys. Is it bad to be sweet and curtious to women. For some reason ive consistently seen girls chase the bad boy, and if their lucky to actually exprience something with him. They suddenly began to have an emotional disfunction. In otherwords they get hurt, as if they wern't asking for that all along. Like c'mon is it just me who see's this?
Which leads me to think, why do people in generall usually chase the one they cant have? And idolize their favorite celebrities; girls:"OMG dont you know chris brown is my husband, were getting married, and fuck that girl umm whats her name uhhh rhi something." Yet the actual right one for them is right underneeth their nose and they dont know it. Hmmm facinating. Im sure thats all apart of human social physics. Even though i was never great with science.




I had a conversation on the phone earlier today with a individual from the past. We just recently began to start talking lately, and catching up on times. However about a half an hour ago, things went spoil. I cant really put my finger on it, why it went that way. Although I do know some serious mixed messeges were going on. In otherwords, when one of us stated something, it was comprehended differently. Or maybe it was just me--"nahhh". I say that because im a very different kind of dude, that doesnt conform to what others think or do. To tell you the truth my state of mind, simply just doesn't care most of the time. I'd rather keep it real than phony. So when others try to mold me or think they really know me, their actually being decieved by themselves. I know who I am, by being witty and sometimes saying whatever I bluntly feel, but ive completely accepted that. Its a shame that others cant.
Nevertheless, throughout the conversation with this individual I had expressed my feelings about how I felt about an issue. As well, back and forth we were semi arguing about the same thing we agree on. Isn't that awkward? Anyways I happend to slur some kind of sentence that had "I dont give a dayum" in it. Then after the other person snapped, without actually taking in the true messege of what I said. Instead she (oops!) chose to hear what she wanted out of my mouth and used it against me. If only she heard me saying "I could not honestly give a dayum about ------(her male friend), but instead i'd rather try to help the situation." Now this brings me to my next point, is it wrong to be real and honest about who you are? Obviously today I learned others would perfer to hear what they want or think whats best to be said, although yet not willing to actually hear the ugly truth. Tsk tsk.
Im actually proud ya'll, to say that im willing to take it that far and keep it 100. In addition, when it comes to each and every person within the world. We all are different; perosonalities, backgrounds and languages. We each supply different purposes and have different values. Yet, it is our responsibility to make sure that one cannot ever affect or change that well being. Lastly, I dont think either her or I in the conversation are in any wrong for what happend. Its just a shame that it went the way it did. O' well! good luck in life and umm good day!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Shout out to Tone and Wolf


Its about time now that the ladies step up their game! Im talking about ya'll ladies need to be more straight forward sometimes. Dont get me confused I love when ya'll is shy, although there is always a limit. Like I just think that most of the ladies now like to usually beat around the bush and not say whats real. Times are changing and ya'll need to also. Its only right if you expect us men to change, you do the same. C'mon now at phenomenal avenue we keeps it real. So basicly im proposing to ya'll to expose your feelings and be willing to take that extra step.
You know what, now that i think about it why is that so many video's such as Beyonce's 'like a boy' come out? Now is this because ya'll want to express how your rights and values are just the same as any other dude. Well then if so, then change it up and take the initiative of asking a dude out, instead of waiting on him. As well, guys like when women are up front with reveal how they feel. Shit if you happen to feel horny all of a sudden, then all to you. Dont hold back, because there aint nothing to by shy about. Most of the time the same things your feeling is the same things he is also. However, dont take my words and think you have to rush things. Im only hinting that ya'll should pursue whomever your intrest is. Who knows you might recieve something good, like a kinder's surprise.



Why guys are we so uncapable of showing our hidden nerdy/dorky side to girls? Is it because we think were not men if we dont? Or is it because we think they will think different of us? Whatever it is, I know it gets the best of us, including I. Although recently I think i've come clean with exactly who I am. For anyone who know's the AD. behind all these posts, they know that I trip alot and make foolish slurs. Not to mention sometimes things slip out my mouth, that I ment differently. Enough with me, because I have so much more, but lets focus on ya'll. Can we stop hiding from this prompt male attitude that we usually carry and be real. I know when hanging out with your homeboys, you dont want to mention the lovey dovey ish you do. Yet I just ask to be up-front with it instead of being oblivious.


The art of flirting

Firstly, what is it to flirt? Flirting is a common form of social interaction whereby one person obliquely indicates a romantic and/or sexual interest towards another. It can consist of conversation, body language, or brief physical contact. It may be one-sided or reciprocated (encouraged).
Many individuals with or without their mate flirt. Lets face it people we always flirt, even if we cant help it. It may not always be a great form of communication to oththers when your dating someone. Although its not your fault, we just naturally do it. I think its healthy for people to socially flirt. This is because we usually tend to pay more attention to what others say, and also feel more compassionate about what others are feeling. Yet, flirting can also be destructive. The art flirting, identifies that one may subconciously have feelings about another. Sure is scary to see your man or girl flirting with another individual or your friend. Wommp wommmp wommmp! O' well, on the bright side, flirting leads to 4 play. Most of us all enjoy those long eye connections and the sexual tension on the late phone calls. Do I lie? Sure dont. So those who read this and say nahh! I dont flirt, just keep it 100, because I aint mad at cha!


Pictue opening an enchanted door, that lead you into a magic world. This world is called AD. WORLD. Basicly, its an upgraded willie wonka factory. It has a room full of pancakes that you can bounce on, and not have you head chopped off by a fan. While french toast and bacon hang on a string in order for you to catch. Other rooms include the usual gum flavoured wall paper. But whats better is there is a rooms called fruit explosion. Which i mean, every single fruit and a million different colours are compiled into one space to feed on. Lastly the main room has a pool full of icing, and every single sweet you can imagine exploding out of a giant 15 foot tube.

Oh my! I know some people are going to have some great dreams tonight.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Both my boy Dre and I argee that its time for change. The topic that has arised is about dudes needing to change up their game. We find that dudes need to stop the b.s and be real. In most cases, guys tend to act harder than they really are. I just find that there is no benifit in acting like someone your not. Usually, aint no one scared of you and everyone can see through your timid eyes. Therefore just cut it out. Either be about it or go home. Generally, guys will be out there hollering at girls like they got mad money and keep his fellow girl on gucci status. When really and truly, that shit aint happinning. At most he's keeping her on knock-off's status. Is it so hard to be real and be who you really are? The last thing a real women wants is a fake or lame whispering some garbedge in her ear. A real women doesnt need her man wearing the latest jordans or having his extra large pants sagging to his knees. She actually just needs someone who she can trust and consider her best friend. We as men need to change the traditianal identity of man. In otherwords, be that superman that each women really deserves. If your not financially up like others then just face it. Its not wrong to make a minimum wage, just make sure you be smart with your money. Dont go and make it rain in the mall for your chick because the next week after, you wont even be able to afford a blastid BK combo your drooling over. C'mon now ya'll. That ish is so played out by now. We've all been there and done that. Now its up to us to mature and show our true colours. Things like this you would think would be common sense, but yet there are so many grown ass men out there preeching that same waste shit. Whats worst is that young little kids are influced to act that way also. Parcially that fault comes from the media. We all know the power and control that media has upon individuals, although again its up to us to change that.
So for those guys out there reading this, really please take it in. If we want to grow as an economy and also as a stronger man, first believe in yourself and then committ to your dedication to change.




The craziest gas station ive ever seen in my life. Its located in L.A


A man walks into a docter's office and says "Doc, my breath is kicking, it smells real bad, I dont know whats going on." The docter runs some tests, comes back and tells him, "You either got to stop biting your nails or stop scratching you ass."



If only i could afford this. The new concept for a hard drive by Hyuh Jin Lee.



For those who work in a mall, they know a little somthing about this post. But yet i know others as well that can completely understand where im coming from. Hmm..this post could have also been in 'awkward 101' or 'piss me off' (thats when you know its bad), but yet for some reason it always happens in retail. So anyways, just when things are fine, your almost at quota/budget some nasty ass person wants your help. I've encounterd many, from the stinky curry/drunk individuals to the irritating "look at me, my hands in my bum" children. They all, let me repeat, all get on my stinking nerves! Most of the time i just dont understand how people could smell such a way. If you have enough money to come in my store and purchase a pair of 80 dollar shoes, why not use that 80 dollars and buy 40 bars of soap. Better yet, 20 large cosco bottles of soap, 10 wash rags (not the puffs because you need to scrub) and then still have enough change to buy some bars of soap. Hence, im implying that they should use all of that at one time.
Its just so awkward to come across someone who smells nasty. Sidenote, it makes me reminse about a stank individual i went to elemtry school with. Moving on, recently a customer came to me for help, yet was hovering well into my personal space. Now is that not for saken in other cultures? Because this person not only reeked but was bluntly breathing against my face. Ughh! Its not neccessairy to talk to someone 1 and 1/2 index fingers away. Whats worst is that I could almost taste the scent of their breath. Instantly, i began to quiver.
All in all, on a regualr basis in retail, employess almost always come across an offensive customer.

This is another case of Retail, pt. 4 on the way.




Honestly im speechless. Lacoste did a collab with Zaha Hadid Architects and made this intresting piece of work, they call a boot. Hmmm..Concept is live but hmmm.. yea im still speechless.



Have you ever been with someone or a group of people and you encounter the "awkward silence". Lets be real, it happens some time or another. You all are sitting there, kicking it and enjoing life. Yet all of sudden, when no one has anything to say, the silence crawls up and gets the best of everyone. I could swear that moment is too clinch for, because everyone is wide aware thinking "what the f---".."so uhhh, hmmm, tough crowd". Like there is no exact way around it. People either laugh about it and move on or either the conversation becomes so dead where you just depart ways. I find it so intresting that the silence can cause everyone to just look at one another, itching for someone to break it. I know i sure have my classic line to break it, because im all up for breaking ish. But are you? Are you one of those shy one's that looks also around the room waiting for it to be broken? Tsk tsk...
Anyways the point remains that the silence is mad awkward.

Monday, May 11, 2009


K, this letter goes out to two special people. These ladies are truly my homegirls around the way, and I got nothing but mad love for. Let me first mention that these two ladies, sorry, Women are very hard to come by. They've showed me absolutly love (i think) from the get-go. For that, they will always be cherished and absolutely dope in my eyes. Meg, can always make me laugh and give me a reason to beat on (lets not joke about that*brezzy!!!). Nicole is silent, but a silent killer. Her facial expressions are to die for.

So im not going to get into specific's on here why im writing this letter, because ya'll already know. Although people reading dont worry i didn't harras them or nothing...wink wink!
Just know that i sincerly apologize for my actions, even though Meg had it coming. Also, I hope that waistline kicks back in, so in due time you can get jiggy! "summa bounce". Nicole, i was just being out of order..sorry "out of ordaa!" I meant nothing by it.

I hope all three of us can get over it. Shit I know we will get over it.
So in Meg fashion, GOOD DAY!


Every once in a while for no reason you may burst a sprint in your house. Dont ask my why people do this but we all have our reasons. In my case, i was rushing to get to work. Now i dont know how your house is built, but mine has abit of corners that regularly piss me off! This is because when i bust my little sprint, my foot always knubs the corner somehow. Instantly i get this dreadful pain running throughout my foot. Then I bite terribly on my lip because of the pain. Also there are other times where i try to play it off, but I dayum well know im feeling the pain. Has this ever happend to you?


New season of Run's house soon..


This show is easily one of the most captivating shows that hasn't been on the air for a while. People have been long awaiting for a new show that captures funny wit' along side a dramatic tale. I truly believe this show has the credibility to last as many seasons as 'the fresh prince' did. Sidenote, Derwin the character is like the new Will Smith. Plus Tee tee and Malik are made funny. Wow Tee tee is like Jazz. Anyways for those who haven't yet caught on, get familiar!

Cannon!!! I always wanted to do that!



I dont care if im broke for two weeks, this will be the next of my collection. XLARGE collab with G shock on the DW-5600 model. Oh my, its a wrap!


These Terry Kennedy Supra Society joints are fire. I completely understand why choas would break out in a store for them. Dont get me confused they got nothing on the Yezzy's, although thier still crazy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


As we speak this is the current match ups among the NBA playoffs:


1) L.A Lakers vs. Houston Rockets
2) Dallas Mavricks vs. Denver Nuggets


3) Clevland Cavs vs. Atlanta Hawks
4) Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics

AD. Prediction

1) I hate the lakers with a passion, especially because Kobe Bryant is on that team. Yes Yes! Im a hater and proud of it. Dont get me confused the dude is nice, but its gassed him far too much in his head. Therefore any team playing against them, i support. Hence im not a big Artest fan neither.
2) Melo is the ish'. The game winning 3 pointer told it all. Plus most of those dudes on Dallas need to retire by now.
3) Lebron is a beast, better yet he is the dayum MVP. Need i say any more?
4) Im not a Boston fan only because i still dont think its fair to have all them elite players on one team. Plus secretly i think Ray allen is Jesus, and im not talking about 'He got game.' Although, if Orlando wins tonight's game i believe they will win the series. Or atleast have a real good chance. If not, well then woompp woomppp wooommppp!

All in all its Lebron's year and his gold will be awaiting him.



This show is the only show that has ever always captured my attention from the minute it starts till it ends. Since my moms got me on it about 4 years ago, ive still maintained to keep wacthing. Something about the crazy competition between teams is so intresting to watch. Most tv shows either become boring by the commercial or I simply just lose intrest in watching another season.

Congradualtions to the asian team i was cheering for. I knew from the get-go that that asian dude was smart, quick and competitive. Now for next season, if anyone is up for winnig money, or lets face it losing money, then holla about who's going to win.



It is apparent that nike has had some influence on the vans company. This is because, now vans is launching thier own line of customs shoes. Go to their site, and search vans customs. You will be able to create different stylish patterns and colours on their classic Slip on, Era and Old school models.

Give it a try. Shout out to Arlene for showing me.


Working at any job, has its perks and faults. One of the irritating things about retail is whom you work with. In my case, my manager is great and I couldn't ask for a better one. Although, there are others that i could careless about their last breath on earth--i lied that was a little harsh. But you understand what im getting at. There is an old saying that everyone is a product of their enviornment. I agree completely with that statement, in every aspect. The way i see retail is however the management acts (beahviour), it somehow trickles down to other emplyees. For instance, in retail sales associates are recommended to constantly sell especailly if their running off commission. (Which I am not) Now the thing that irritates me, is when you already know your objective at work. Why keep fussing about it? I mean theres only so much one can take hearing the same thing over and over and over! This applies to strict management forcing their request upon thier employess and yet always expecting respect back. I find it very pathetic, to have fake people talk to me about what they want out me, but yet cant show me respect back. Its very confusing. My mother always told me if you want respect you have to give it back to the other individual. Which is very understandable, although when lines become crossed and fizzled. I become into that frustrated (excuse my language) B I T C H.
I began to work less, my face becomes mopy, and my body language tells it all. (or sometimes its just because i havent eaten) Either management of each job should compose a better relationship with their employess, or simply stay out of their way and let them do them. The last thing i want to hear is "work harder", when subconciously im already telling myself "shit i havent sold anything yet." All in all, the point is dont be fake and annoying which ever position you are ranked in retail.

This is another case of Retail, pt. 3 on the way.


Shout out to Anna!..
For no aparent reason..O' well!


Okay look this is for all the ladies! Only because i know dudes dont do this, well for what i know. It has come to my attention from my boy Dre that Cassie has placed another naked picture on the web. K, let me make this short and sweet, seeing that i already put in my 2 cents earlier on the Ri Ri post. Look, creating naked pictures is not a crime or anything wrong in my eyes, the problem lies within the public's eyes. Celebrites such as CASSIE needs to stop having naked pictures on the web. I dont know how they got leaked and dont frankly care. The point is that it needs to stop.

Earlier today, my homeboy Dre sent me a link to some cassie picture. Yet, Dre didn't know that my moms was slithering around the computer where i was. Neither did i know exactly what this piture entittled. Only to be surprised by a maximized image (FULL SCREEN) of cassie laying down on the bed with her pussy whyling in my face. Yes people i said it. My heart stoped instantly, because one the picture was all up in my grill, and worst if my mother only saw me watching that--O' Lord!!!!

This needs to stop and stop now. Sorry people i would add it to this blog, but im still a little grossed by the fact. Its just a little too graphic for the generall eye. However if your still intrested, shit google it or something.



I think this photographer is the best in the game for what he does. I would consider him the Magic Johnson of NBA or maybe Larry bird. Only because the kid is got mad finesse.
Be sure to see more of his work on this blog.

Photograpgy from:Nabil Elderkin


What is it when your cool with someone, and everything is just fly. I mean ya'll is getting along and ya'll have no concerns about anything. Generally speaking, those individuals are just enjoying life. I love the fact that two people can enjoy that, without any conflict of intrest. Now thats all fun and dandy' untill it gets a little tricky. Hypatheticly speaking, where do you stop the boarderline when things began to happen that you have no control over. In other words, being up late at night for no apparent reason, strolling through past texts, and simply fighting the intrest of sleeping. Hmmm now, my family in the states would simply say " Boy you got some of that love jones," hence, thats a live movie. Or my cousins would clown around for fighting sleep (sleep is their middle name). Hmmmm that reminds me of someone????

Anyways, im not saying that im exactly going through this, but for the person i do know what do i tell them? Also what advice do i give them? Frankly, my first instinct is to tell him/her to play it cool because you dont exactly know how the other feels. As well, there are other options. Furthermore, if anyone is going through this, the best thing to do is just be real about everything. Thats AD.'s advice point blank period.


k ya'll be the judge. Who ever kno's my nigga Shane Tone, does this not look like his pops!..O' lord to the t (minus the beard)

I cant lie this dude is fresh tho!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


You ever get so hungry where you run down to the kitchen to fix something to eat. I mean not just to eat, but to grub on a hefty plate of food. I know i sure have. Shit after a hard day of whatever I did, the first thing i want is food and a bed. Anyways let me pro-long with the story.
Have you ever made a plate of food where you spent a good amount of effort making it look good and dazzling the plate with your special sauce (mines ketchup). Adding all of your favorite foods into one warm plate. Hence let me tell you that the food was warmed up in the microwave, not already made. Anyways, once you fix the plate, you pour a good a portion of juice or whatever drink you sip (mines five alive in a oversized glass). Afterwards, you pick up the plate with one hand and use the other hand for your drink. As you walk towards the good TV (in my case, its downstairs). You have deju-vu about how pissed you would be if you droped your meal. Now with my dog on' bad luck, i was day dreaming way too much and i tripped, spilling all of my meal all over the floor. "GODDD DDAYUM!"

I could of sworn i seen that plate falling before it actually did. Nevertheless, i was pissed because the meal i created was so live, and i know it would have taste so good. Dang' and i spent so much time just preparing it. On top of that, whats worst is having to clean it off the floor...sorry the carpet!..Urghhh!


K basicly for some random reason today i sat down on my break at work and was doing some serious thinking. It was mostly random stuff running through my mind, although for the most part all of it mad sense. For instance, things like life, my past and other non sense things were spinning in my membrain. Although for some time, one thing stood out of the bunch. It happend to relate to ex's of mine. Now this isn't easy to post or write because it sure would make more sense if i spoke it, yet im going to try my best (i lied, im just gonna write the dayum thang').

First i started thinking about good times ive had with ex's and if they effect me in any way to this day. Now i can honestly say about 15% of it changed me, the rest was frankly b.s. Hence im being absolutely honest. Yet, i will say that each X made me think about certain things relating about life differently. I do commend most of ya'll. There are a few odd ones in the loop that frankly make me think WTF was i doing with life. Im sure we all have those moments. Its up to each of us to realize how we can benifit from others and our mistakes.

Nevertheless, im writing this post to say i apologize to any of my X's if ive ever treated them wrong. Seeing that most of ya'll still talk to me till this day, i doubt there is any grudge to be held. But for others that i dont keep in conctact with, know that i hope the best for you in the future. Now it takes a real man to admit that, "yeah a real man!"--(deep man voice)

Anyways im pooped in need of some pancakes, with some dayum syrup!


One love goes out to all the mothers out there. Tommorow, all mothers around the world are to be recognized for their hard work and effort. Its not easy being a mother, not to say i would know 100% because im far from that. Although, what i do know exactly is that every mother deserves a little bit' of love. If that means you just giving a hug, cooking a well gourmet breakfest, or just even buying a card from the dollar store (because surely thats what i did) then do so. Dont stoop as low to just smerk a smile and move on with your day. I dont know how anyone could have grace or wonder around the world doing whatever they do, without respecting their mother. Honestly i'll tell you first hand that my mother and I dont have the best relationship, well almost never had it great. Although as much as we rave and bicker at one another, there will never be a mothers day that will past, and i dont acknowledge her for it. I know it takes two to tingo' in order to make one, although all my life she's replaced that 2 parent spot and made it her own. I respect her dearly for that, it takes hard work to raise an AD.

So if you know anyone who is a mother of any kind, do please go out your way and show some love by saying "Happy Mothers day!" Because at the least thats what they deserve. Go and call every mother in your family and go outside and yell out congradualating mothers. ( WOW maybe thats whyling!)
As well for all those those young mothers that have been incresingly blooming in this decade and the last, my heart goes out to you. Its for certain that people always look at you wrong and may be judgemental of your actions. Although do know you and God are in possesion of life. Cant anyone change that, no matter how many words people sling at you. Maintain to stay strong and fight for whats right. All in all, this day is to be cherished as an uplifting moment for all women in generall.


Be sure to get a hold of this mixtape, if your into the soul music. Its extremly dope and grown & sexy. Good body of work i must say.




This goes out to the dudes..

Have you ever had the problem of unbuttoning a bra? C'mon now stop laughing and lets be real. Im sure every man, well i hope every man has encourted this problem. When things are in the mix and the 4play is jumping off. The dude tries to pull a slick one by un-doing the girls bra. Now im not sure how every dudes skill is when it comes to this, although i dont care who you are, its still tricky no matter what. Especially these high tech bra's they got out in the market now a days. The worst is when the dog on' clip is in the front instead of the traditional back. Aint that a trip? Thats when the girl dont even tell you nothing and is secretly giggling inside because your struggling to find it. Anyways, as i was saying the skill of removing a bra takes alot of effort. Im not putting down those who are just buck and rip off clothes and break off straps. Ya'll do you. But the essenece of taking off the bra must be precise. Fellas, you know what im talking about, push in on the key hooks and lets the straps slither off. Yessirr!

For the girls stooping through this post i know ya'll is secretly laughing as well because its true. Well O' well im not mad at you. Im sure you have the times where you get annoyed that its taking him so long to take it off. "Like shit is he hooked on phonix or something." If it gets worse, im sure you just either help him out or simply just call it off.

This is just another case of awkward 101


Now im no guru when it comes to relationships, although i do know a thing here and there. What i am certain of is that right now as you read, the society is undergoing the 'break up season.' "AD. how could you be so certain?" Well please allow me to preech--"church!". For those who are still stumped about the relationship cycle it works like this. Sidenote, there is a movie that i cant exactly remember the name yet it identifies this cycle the best. I remember this because some girl dragged me to watch it. Anyways moving on!, when new years arrives every year people began to make wishes. Although, subconsciously 90% of the time those same wishes will apply to someone new throughout the following year. As the snow began's to diminish and drain throughout the sewers, relationships begain to slide as well. In otherwords, girls this is the time where your man may get bored of you and start losing the romatic touch from earlier in the dating era. Likewise, guys this is the time where your girl argue's with you over the most stupid little things. Let me make this clear STUPID little things. Anyways, this is just the beginnig of the annual slope. Once, spring arrives it gets worse. People began to add other random potential's on facebook and single friends hint to you that their friend is intrested in you. O' and it gets worse, guys began to look at other girls because women are now unbuttoning their blouse a little more and are wearing more tights. Girls, are watching me because they can see the defintion underneeth the shirt. Ooops! i ment in generall. As well realtionships tend to become real sour around this time and mates doubt if they should even be in the relationship.
As time pro-longs, summer arrives such as now and mates are at their full end/torence/capacity. They simply or ignorantly state to their mate that its eventually time to break up because of such and such, and that they dont feel the same way because of such and such OR "your a f----'n such and such, get out my life." Usually the girls tend to do that sort of stuff.

For me to be even more assuring, i've had a couple people already in this last couple weeks telling me that thier relationship is no longer. This maybe because of numrous amount reasons, the one's i try to stay away from but yet still lend a comforting hand too. I do know its not hard to get over that break hump, and for those who are in that delimma right now, my heart and this post is for ya'll. Basicly ya'll need to maintain to keep your head up and realize that change is good. C'mon now its the year of OBAMA (*change campaign). We all need to take a good look at our selves and determine what we want to do in life and where we want to be, before we plan who we want to be with. Not to put down anyone who is instrested in another individual at this point of the season. Im just generally saying that the world and others are full of endless opportunities. Excercise them!


This band is very impressive, especially the drummer that i personally know. And frankly im not much of a rock head, although i am slipping into that genre slowely but surely. Dont be scared by the name, their not your usual hard punk ass band as you would assume by seeing in the name. Anyways this band is mad dope and be sure to check them out sometime either on their myspace or at a show. For listings for future shows check here at


Diamond Supply Co. will be releasing, the “Diamond Life Part 3,” tees, crews, and woman’s tees. Included with this drop will be the berric x Diamond Supply Co. tee in a limited color way. The numbers of each item will be limited.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Now i know there's freaks out there and ive definetly encouterd a couple. As well, i know girls tend to do the naked snap shots time to time. Me, i dont have a problem with it! Although the only thing im so curious about when it deals with celeb's is do they seriously have no privacy at all. Ive realized to be a singer is no easy thing, but shit c'mon now. You gots to know poeple are out there itching to get a hold of pics like such to expose yah.
O' lawwd just when things were looking a little brighter for this little lady, these pictures are all over the web now. Started with cassie earlier in the week now Ri Ri, who's next?

LOL! it's Chris "slap a trick" Brezzy