Monday, May 11, 2009


K, this letter goes out to two special people. These ladies are truly my homegirls around the way, and I got nothing but mad love for. Let me first mention that these two ladies, sorry, Women are very hard to come by. They've showed me absolutly love (i think) from the get-go. For that, they will always be cherished and absolutely dope in my eyes. Meg, can always make me laugh and give me a reason to beat on (lets not joke about that*brezzy!!!). Nicole is silent, but a silent killer. Her facial expressions are to die for.

So im not going to get into specific's on here why im writing this letter, because ya'll already know. Although people reading dont worry i didn't harras them or nothing...wink wink!
Just know that i sincerly apologize for my actions, even though Meg had it coming. Also, I hope that waistline kicks back in, so in due time you can get jiggy! "summa bounce". Nicole, i was just being out of order..sorry "out of ordaa!" I meant nothing by it.

I hope all three of us can get over it. Shit I know we will get over it.
So in Meg fashion, GOOD DAY!

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