Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Have you ever been with someone or a group of people and you encounter the "awkward silence". Lets be real, it happens some time or another. You all are sitting there, kicking it and enjoing life. Yet all of sudden, when no one has anything to say, the silence crawls up and gets the best of everyone. I could swear that moment is too clinch for, because everyone is wide aware thinking "what the f---".."so uhhh, hmmm, tough crowd". Like there is no exact way around it. People either laugh about it and move on or either the conversation becomes so dead where you just depart ways. I find it so intresting that the silence can cause everyone to just look at one another, itching for someone to break it. I know i sure have my classic line to break it, because im all up for breaking ish. But are you? Are you one of those shy one's that looks also around the room waiting for it to be broken? Tsk tsk...
Anyways the point remains that the silence is mad awkward.

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