Thursday, May 14, 2009


Why is that good guys traditionally lose to the bad boys. Dont get me confused I dont think im classified much as the good guy, although ive been told i have my sweet side...wink wink! Anyways, im thinking does anyone have any sympathy for those good guys. Is it bad to be sweet and curtious to women. For some reason ive consistently seen girls chase the bad boy, and if their lucky to actually exprience something with him. They suddenly began to have an emotional disfunction. In otherwords they get hurt, as if they wern't asking for that all along. Like c'mon is it just me who see's this?
Which leads me to think, why do people in generall usually chase the one they cant have? And idolize their favorite celebrities; girls:"OMG dont you know chris brown is my husband, were getting married, and fuck that girl umm whats her name uhhh rhi something." Yet the actual right one for them is right underneeth their nose and they dont know it. Hmmm facinating. Im sure thats all apart of human social physics. Even though i was never great with science.

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