Thursday, May 28, 2009


You know what gets on my nerves is when parents just dont ever understand! I know its not just me who has this problem all the time. Especially the parents that are strict. O' Lord. I've come to the conclusion that parents just have this kind of ego, that they never want to lose because they always feel that they're right. C'mon now is it really necessary all the time. Shit its mad aggrevating to tell you the truth. Some parents like mine usually tend to argue over the most smallest things. As is if a conversatation cant be spoken without temper or a increasing tone. God dayumm! Just thinking about it gets me pissed off. Oh my gosh' have you ever muffled something back underneeth your breath and tried to play it off. Haha! I used to do that, but now i'm too hard headed whereas i just talk back. Who knows? Maybe its because were both taurus's. Whatever it is, my mother and I can  never get along more than a week without bickering at each other. Enough about me, do you ever have these problems?
Generally speaking, I think the relationship between a child and parent can never be perfect, however people may assume. Behind closed doors, its always a different story. Which makes me think about my next point. Does your parents ever act differently when your friends are around? I mean, isn't that the more perfect time to ask for something.(Money, Car keys or hand  in marriage--i'm playing) Although its very true. I know this because i'm a single child and have my little ways when i want to get something, even though i'm naturally spoiled. (when I was younger) I know its not easy being a parent, nor easy to put up with the daily stress from work or bills. Yet that is still no excuse to be good parents. No sorry, excellent parents. But all in all, when everything hits the fan, parents will just never understand.

You like how i made that last sentence rhyme huh? LOL