Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Both my boy Dre and I argee that its time for change. The topic that has arised is about dudes needing to change up their game. We find that dudes need to stop the b.s and be real. In most cases, guys tend to act harder than they really are. I just find that there is no benifit in acting like someone your not. Usually, aint no one scared of you and everyone can see through your timid eyes. Therefore just cut it out. Either be about it or go home. Generally, guys will be out there hollering at girls like they got mad money and keep his fellow girl on gucci status. When really and truly, that shit aint happinning. At most he's keeping her on knock-off's status. Is it so hard to be real and be who you really are? The last thing a real women wants is a fake or lame whispering some garbedge in her ear. A real women doesnt need her man wearing the latest jordans or having his extra large pants sagging to his knees. She actually just needs someone who she can trust and consider her best friend. We as men need to change the traditianal identity of man. In otherwords, be that superman that each women really deserves. If your not financially up like others then just face it. Its not wrong to make a minimum wage, just make sure you be smart with your money. Dont go and make it rain in the mall for your chick because the next week after, you wont even be able to afford a blastid BK combo your drooling over. C'mon now ya'll. That ish is so played out by now. We've all been there and done that. Now its up to us to mature and show our true colours. Things like this you would think would be common sense, but yet there are so many grown ass men out there preeching that same waste shit. Whats worst is that young little kids are influced to act that way also. Parcially that fault comes from the media. We all know the power and control that media has upon individuals, although again its up to us to change that.
So for those guys out there reading this, really please take it in. If we want to grow as an economy and also as a stronger man, first believe in yourself and then committ to your dedication to change.

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  1. Dun know. Thats the truth. I hope that this msg gets across to a lot of young men. Being true to who you are and respectable dose not just get you far with the ladies, but it gives you that character which defines you as a man. Oohhh and believe it or not it can take you to places in your life whether it may be your with people, your career or what ever...