Saturday, May 9, 2009


You ever get so hungry where you run down to the kitchen to fix something to eat. I mean not just to eat, but to grub on a hefty plate of food. I know i sure have. Shit after a hard day of whatever I did, the first thing i want is food and a bed. Anyways let me pro-long with the story.
Have you ever made a plate of food where you spent a good amount of effort making it look good and dazzling the plate with your special sauce (mines ketchup). Adding all of your favorite foods into one warm plate. Hence let me tell you that the food was warmed up in the microwave, not already made. Anyways, once you fix the plate, you pour a good a portion of juice or whatever drink you sip (mines five alive in a oversized glass). Afterwards, you pick up the plate with one hand and use the other hand for your drink. As you walk towards the good TV (in my case, its downstairs). You have deju-vu about how pissed you would be if you droped your meal. Now with my dog on' bad luck, i was day dreaming way too much and i tripped, spilling all of my meal all over the floor. "GODDD DDAYUM!"

I could of sworn i seen that plate falling before it actually did. Nevertheless, i was pissed because the meal i created was so live, and i know it would have taste so good. Dang' and i spent so much time just preparing it. On top of that, whats worst is having to clean it off the floor...sorry the carpet!..Urghhh!

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