Friday, May 15, 2009


Now look, im a tough dude when it comes to horrer movies. Especially now, because each of them are becoming more and more chessy. For some reason the actual movies dont trip me out, although the effects after do. In otherwords, I mean once after your done joking with your date about "that movie was soft, it didn't do anything to me, lets see another." You get out the theatre and things look different from there on. You began to look in every angle to see if anyone is running at you. As well, hear every little sound as if you were blind. Im telling you the shit is mad awkward. Whats worst is when your in the shower, and you look about 5 times to see if anyone is the bathroom with you. Sidenote, one time once I was done scrub-a-dubbing, i saw a small hand print on the misty glass--"O' Lorrrddd". Im telling you its crazy. Also, I dont really have to specify about the traditional craze over the closet. I mean, usually when one goes to sleep, however their room is positioned we all take a couple sneek peeks at the closet. As if someone is in there looking at you. Im prettly sure everyone has done this once. So I know ya'll can agree with me when I consider it awkward.

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