Friday, May 8, 2009


Do you know what's very irritating, when you hitch your fast self' up to the glass to see what outside looks like. Which you happen to notice that, "dang it's hot outside." You happen to think shoot maybe I should pop on my new shorts, pull out the v-neck, and lace up my new kicks straight out the box. Likewise, girls would leave their hair wet, (white girls) pull out their seductive mini skirts and little tang top. Before you leave your conscious flickers telling you "maybe you should bring a jacket in case" and of course you say "nahhhh!" Although, only to be bamboozld that once you step outside your house and lock the door, take about three or four steps towards your car. One hefty peice of wind whiplashes you across your face. You suddenly began to have goose bumps and chills running down your spine. --"O' Lawwdd"
Now my point is that i hate how weather can be so deceiving to the eye from the inside. Is it just me or others having this problem also? When i think about it more, this is the reason why i used to tend to wear layers when i go out. Simply because if its cold im good, and if its hot then i just easily take it off. Done diggidy!

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