Thursday, May 14, 2009


Is it not mad annoying when being bored. I swear its so frustrating. As much as you want to fight it off, and do something. Your still compelled to be lazy and sit there doing nothing. It kills for me, because I perfer to do stuff and have something to look forward too. Chilling is always great but yet theres an extent to everything. If im not chilling with no one and im alone in my own house, things become slighty dry. Maybe thats just because I hate this house and location. Or maybe simply just because im a only child. Who know's? Whatever it is, its not helping the fact that im bored. Times like this my mom would take full advantage in telling me to "read a book." I swear ive been hearing that same line from day one. Whatever, if anyone has any good advice what to do in order for time to pass, holla. But for now im just going to go back and watch the rest of fresh prince on dvd. Good day!

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  1. Read the COLDEST WINTER EVER by sistah soujah, that books is the truth!!!! It gets everyone on their reading tipppsss!