Friday, May 15, 2009


I encourage all to go out and seek different things around their city. Dont be one who regularly goes out to the club scene every weekend because thats all you know. Those who say "I only go there to dance, not get numbers," well then enjoy yourself at a jazz lounge or group cookout. Better yet, just seek different venues that are amussing and entertaining just as much as a club.
Those who stay home most of the time and are comfortable there, im not mad at you. Being settle along with the comfort of your family is always a great thing. As well, just a simple get to get together with friends and family is also fulfilling. For instance, not too long ago my little cousins came over and asked me to play a little back and forth soccer. Even though I instantly thought "O'man, I dont feel like getting up, neither do I really want to play with them right now." But within a few minutes, I was sweating from having so much fun.
We sometimes just get caught up around the foolish mainstream things, and instead forget about the small great things around us. The tempatation to go on msn, facebook, twitter and watch tv has taken over most of our lifestyle. Would we truly be better with or without it? I think it has it pros and cons, although there is still no excuse for us not to apply ourselves outside the box. I ponder, must we all conform to what others think or do? Are we to shy to stand behind our thoughts and decisions sometimes? Whatever it is, I challenge everyone to do something out of the ordinairy.

Shout out to my little cousins..
Lil' Grace, Mom's cousin, Lil' Noah

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  1. do my lazy ways count? i'm not conforming to the clubbing scene ..bahaha