Friday, May 8, 2009


Yes yes! it was may 3rd, the day of my birthday i came up with the brilliant idea to slither to falls, niagra falls that is. Some of the day was a diapointement, yet it wasn't holding back me nor anyone else to do what we planned for. Therefore the fam and i made the best of it. We always keep it 100 each and everyday.

K well! i cant expose all the pics, because most of them are a mess but sure enough i'll give you the just of the evening and how it went down. Uhhh! Thats what's up!

Shout out to Willy-T, Shane Tone, Suk, Meg prosper, Nicole, Charlene Asia Fiasco, Sarah, Jam and Kara for coming through that night.

so we met up at the casino, fallsview casino that is...

First let me say this adventure had mad walking.

Eat at Eastside Mario's. As well our waitress was Shannon. LOL! dont ask me why is still remember.

Wow representing for screw face capitol. Fiasco dont play.

Wasn't too hungry so i jus got a chesse garlic bread like Nicole. Although ofcourse with my luck it tasted not so good.

uhhhh! sarah eat that!

Try'd to balance it on my head but i forgot to fix my face. Bare with me.

Now that's what's up. It sure looks mighty good in that picture although..

again with my luck, i didnt like it. But no fear when kara is here. That dayum girl from the get-go was itchin to taste my birthday desert. So there was only one thing to do since i wasn't feeling it. Ya'll do the math. But for those slow one's, i gave it too Kara and Charlene to scarff down their throat. Ooo Wee!

Just confused.

Attempted to make a good photo with Sarah.

Meghan and yours truly

Racoon aka Kara and AD.

O' did i say there was mad walking..

Leather'd jacket charlie's angels


  1. This post makes me laugh. the night was dope fam...uhhhhhhh!!!

  2. scarf down our throats eh..TRICK!!
    haha dunno fam held it down..what's the next adventureeee boom?!?!