Sunday, May 10, 2009


Working at any job, has its perks and faults. One of the irritating things about retail is whom you work with. In my case, my manager is great and I couldn't ask for a better one. Although, there are others that i could careless about their last breath on earth--i lied that was a little harsh. But you understand what im getting at. There is an old saying that everyone is a product of their enviornment. I agree completely with that statement, in every aspect. The way i see retail is however the management acts (beahviour), it somehow trickles down to other emplyees. For instance, in retail sales associates are recommended to constantly sell especailly if their running off commission. (Which I am not) Now the thing that irritates me, is when you already know your objective at work. Why keep fussing about it? I mean theres only so much one can take hearing the same thing over and over and over! This applies to strict management forcing their request upon thier employess and yet always expecting respect back. I find it very pathetic, to have fake people talk to me about what they want out me, but yet cant show me respect back. Its very confusing. My mother always told me if you want respect you have to give it back to the other individual. Which is very understandable, although when lines become crossed and fizzled. I become into that frustrated (excuse my language) B I T C H.
I began to work less, my face becomes mopy, and my body language tells it all. (or sometimes its just because i havent eaten) Either management of each job should compose a better relationship with their employess, or simply stay out of their way and let them do them. The last thing i want to hear is "work harder", when subconciously im already telling myself "shit i havent sold anything yet." All in all, the point is dont be fake and annoying which ever position you are ranked in retail.

This is another case of Retail, pt. 3 on the way.

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