Monday, May 25, 2009


Im here at the studio kicking it with my homeboys Illegal Alien, Shane Tone and Ron D. I came here once I was done playing ball, and many things come to my mind. I sit here pondering when I was young our dreams are so far fetch. Like I mean this is when kids shoot for being professional atheletes and celebrites, as well teachers and politicians. Now basicly what im trying to say is why when we become older those dreams that we once had, differ then eventually fizzle. People who once had high hopes began to have shortage or confidence to pursue their dreams. I dont really understand why this happens. Could it be because pregenancy is throwed in the mix or just because others are trying to put you down for what you believe in. Hmm, I get quit confused when it comes to this. Reason being why I get confused is because its time for change. We need to change these deviant ways and more focused for success. (*All i want to be is sucessful!) 
It is time to continue to strieve for those big dreams and shoot for the sky. Believe in yourself and extend your talent to the upmost. With that being said, there is no excuse not to pursue your dreams.  Therefore be sure to see alot of my work and face soon in the next 2-3 years. Point blank period.


  1. tell em trick! u already kno wat it isssssss

  2. thats wassup. I feel the same way and i couldnt have said it better.