Tuesday, May 12, 2009


For those who work in a mall, they know a little somthing about this post. But yet i know others as well that can completely understand where im coming from. Hmm..this post could have also been in 'awkward 101' or 'piss me off' (thats when you know its bad), but yet for some reason it always happens in retail. So anyways, just when things are fine, your almost at quota/budget some nasty ass person wants your help. I've encounterd many, from the stinky curry/drunk individuals to the irritating "look at me, my hands in my bum" children. They all, let me repeat, all get on my stinking nerves! Most of the time i just dont understand how people could smell such a way. If you have enough money to come in my store and purchase a pair of 80 dollar shoes, why not use that 80 dollars and buy 40 bars of soap. Better yet, 20 large cosco bottles of soap, 10 wash rags (not the puffs because you need to scrub) and then still have enough change to buy some bars of soap. Hence, im implying that they should use all of that at one time.
Its just so awkward to come across someone who smells nasty. Sidenote, it makes me reminse about a stank individual i went to elemtry school with. Moving on, recently a customer came to me for help, yet was hovering well into my personal space. Now is that not for saken in other cultures? Because this person not only reeked but was bluntly breathing against my face. Ughh! Its not neccessairy to talk to someone 1 and 1/2 index fingers away. Whats worst is that I could almost taste the scent of their breath. Instantly, i began to quiver.
All in all, on a regualr basis in retail, employess almost always come across an offensive customer.

This is another case of Retail, pt. 4 on the way.

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