Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Its about time now that the ladies step up their game! Im talking about ya'll ladies need to be more straight forward sometimes. Dont get me confused I love when ya'll is shy, although there is always a limit. Like I just think that most of the ladies now like to usually beat around the bush and not say whats real. Times are changing and ya'll need to also. Its only right if you expect us men to change, you do the same. C'mon now at phenomenal avenue we keeps it real. So basicly im proposing to ya'll to expose your feelings and be willing to take that extra step.
You know what, now that i think about it why is that so many video's such as Beyonce's 'like a boy' come out? Now is this because ya'll want to express how your rights and values are just the same as any other dude. Well then if so, then change it up and take the initiative of asking a dude out, instead of waiting on him. As well, guys like when women are up front with reveal how they feel. Shit if you happen to feel horny all of a sudden, then all to you. Dont hold back, because there aint nothing to by shy about. Most of the time the same things your feeling is the same things he is also. However, dont take my words and think you have to rush things. Im only hinting that ya'll should pursue whomever your intrest is. Who knows you might recieve something good, like a kinder's surprise.

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