Saturday, May 9, 2009


K basicly for some random reason today i sat down on my break at work and was doing some serious thinking. It was mostly random stuff running through my mind, although for the most part all of it mad sense. For instance, things like life, my past and other non sense things were spinning in my membrain. Although for some time, one thing stood out of the bunch. It happend to relate to ex's of mine. Now this isn't easy to post or write because it sure would make more sense if i spoke it, yet im going to try my best (i lied, im just gonna write the dayum thang').

First i started thinking about good times ive had with ex's and if they effect me in any way to this day. Now i can honestly say about 15% of it changed me, the rest was frankly b.s. Hence im being absolutely honest. Yet, i will say that each X made me think about certain things relating about life differently. I do commend most of ya'll. There are a few odd ones in the loop that frankly make me think WTF was i doing with life. Im sure we all have those moments. Its up to each of us to realize how we can benifit from others and our mistakes.

Nevertheless, im writing this post to say i apologize to any of my X's if ive ever treated them wrong. Seeing that most of ya'll still talk to me till this day, i doubt there is any grudge to be held. But for others that i dont keep in conctact with, know that i hope the best for you in the future. Now it takes a real man to admit that, "yeah a real man!"--(deep man voice)

Anyways im pooped in need of some pancakes, with some dayum syrup!

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