Thursday, May 14, 2009


I had a conversation on the phone earlier today with a individual from the past. We just recently began to start talking lately, and catching up on times. However about a half an hour ago, things went spoil. I cant really put my finger on it, why it went that way. Although I do know some serious mixed messeges were going on. In otherwords, when one of us stated something, it was comprehended differently. Or maybe it was just me--"nahhh". I say that because im a very different kind of dude, that doesnt conform to what others think or do. To tell you the truth my state of mind, simply just doesn't care most of the time. I'd rather keep it real than phony. So when others try to mold me or think they really know me, their actually being decieved by themselves. I know who I am, by being witty and sometimes saying whatever I bluntly feel, but ive completely accepted that. Its a shame that others cant.
Nevertheless, throughout the conversation with this individual I had expressed my feelings about how I felt about an issue. As well, back and forth we were semi arguing about the same thing we agree on. Isn't that awkward? Anyways I happend to slur some kind of sentence that had "I dont give a dayum" in it. Then after the other person snapped, without actually taking in the true messege of what I said. Instead she (oops!) chose to hear what she wanted out of my mouth and used it against me. If only she heard me saying "I could not honestly give a dayum about ------(her male friend), but instead i'd rather try to help the situation." Now this brings me to my next point, is it wrong to be real and honest about who you are? Obviously today I learned others would perfer to hear what they want or think whats best to be said, although yet not willing to actually hear the ugly truth. Tsk tsk.
Im actually proud ya'll, to say that im willing to take it that far and keep it 100. In addition, when it comes to each and every person within the world. We all are different; perosonalities, backgrounds and languages. We each supply different purposes and have different values. Yet, it is our responsibility to make sure that one cannot ever affect or change that well being. Lastly, I dont think either her or I in the conversation are in any wrong for what happend. Its just a shame that it went the way it did. O' well! good luck in life and umm good day!

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