Sunday, May 31, 2009


Okay lets be real people. We all some time or another pass gas. Im sure we don't usually enjoy doing it, wait let me take that back. Only because I know some certain people that do. Although generally speaking, passing gas a.k.a farting is not the most plesent or ettiqute thing to do around others. Usually smelling others nasty semi toxic humane gas, makes people say,"ewww!" Even though we all do it. No one is to be exempted for doing it nor should they ignore their own gas. If anything people, please make it clear when your with a group or other individual that it was in fact you. Don't play it off and look around like "who did that?" or blame it on an innocent person because I know we all have done that. 
Lets just be real! Sometime it's not our faults because we had too much to eat or had something that triggerd our toxic gut. All in all, keeps it real not funky--only because i sure kept it funky today. 

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