Sunday, May 10, 2009


As we speak this is the current match ups among the NBA playoffs:


1) L.A Lakers vs. Houston Rockets
2) Dallas Mavricks vs. Denver Nuggets


3) Clevland Cavs vs. Atlanta Hawks
4) Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics

AD. Prediction

1) I hate the lakers with a passion, especially because Kobe Bryant is on that team. Yes Yes! Im a hater and proud of it. Dont get me confused the dude is nice, but its gassed him far too much in his head. Therefore any team playing against them, i support. Hence im not a big Artest fan neither.
2) Melo is the ish'. The game winning 3 pointer told it all. Plus most of those dudes on Dallas need to retire by now.
3) Lebron is a beast, better yet he is the dayum MVP. Need i say any more?
4) Im not a Boston fan only because i still dont think its fair to have all them elite players on one team. Plus secretly i think Ray allen is Jesus, and im not talking about 'He got game.' Although, if Orlando wins tonight's game i believe they will win the series. Or atleast have a real good chance. If not, well then woompp woomppp wooommppp!

All in all its Lebron's year and his gold will be awaiting him.

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