Saturday, May 9, 2009


This goes out to the dudes..

Have you ever had the problem of unbuttoning a bra? C'mon now stop laughing and lets be real. Im sure every man, well i hope every man has encourted this problem. When things are in the mix and the 4play is jumping off. The dude tries to pull a slick one by un-doing the girls bra. Now im not sure how every dudes skill is when it comes to this, although i dont care who you are, its still tricky no matter what. Especially these high tech bra's they got out in the market now a days. The worst is when the dog on' clip is in the front instead of the traditional back. Aint that a trip? Thats when the girl dont even tell you nothing and is secretly giggling inside because your struggling to find it. Anyways, as i was saying the skill of removing a bra takes alot of effort. Im not putting down those who are just buck and rip off clothes and break off straps. Ya'll do you. But the essenece of taking off the bra must be precise. Fellas, you know what im talking about, push in on the key hooks and lets the straps slither off. Yessirr!

For the girls stooping through this post i know ya'll is secretly laughing as well because its true. Well O' well im not mad at you. Im sure you have the times where you get annoyed that its taking him so long to take it off. "Like shit is he hooked on phonix or something." If it gets worse, im sure you just either help him out or simply just call it off.

This is just another case of awkward 101

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