Sunday, May 10, 2009


Okay look this is for all the ladies! Only because i know dudes dont do this, well for what i know. It has come to my attention from my boy Dre that Cassie has placed another naked picture on the web. K, let me make this short and sweet, seeing that i already put in my 2 cents earlier on the Ri Ri post. Look, creating naked pictures is not a crime or anything wrong in my eyes, the problem lies within the public's eyes. Celebrites such as CASSIE needs to stop having naked pictures on the web. I dont know how they got leaked and dont frankly care. The point is that it needs to stop.

Earlier today, my homeboy Dre sent me a link to some cassie picture. Yet, Dre didn't know that my moms was slithering around the computer where i was. Neither did i know exactly what this piture entittled. Only to be surprised by a maximized image (FULL SCREEN) of cassie laying down on the bed with her pussy whyling in my face. Yes people i said it. My heart stoped instantly, because one the picture was all up in my grill, and worst if my mother only saw me watching that--O' Lord!!!!

This needs to stop and stop now. Sorry people i would add it to this blog, but im still a little grossed by the fact. Its just a little too graphic for the generall eye. However if your still intrested, shit google it or something.

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