Sunday, May 10, 2009


What is it when your cool with someone, and everything is just fly. I mean ya'll is getting along and ya'll have no concerns about anything. Generally speaking, those individuals are just enjoying life. I love the fact that two people can enjoy that, without any conflict of intrest. Now thats all fun and dandy' untill it gets a little tricky. Hypatheticly speaking, where do you stop the boarderline when things began to happen that you have no control over. In other words, being up late at night for no apparent reason, strolling through past texts, and simply fighting the intrest of sleeping. Hmmm now, my family in the states would simply say " Boy you got some of that love jones," hence, thats a live movie. Or my cousins would clown around for fighting sleep (sleep is their middle name). Hmmmm that reminds me of someone????

Anyways, im not saying that im exactly going through this, but for the person i do know what do i tell them? Also what advice do i give them? Frankly, my first instinct is to tell him/her to play it cool because you dont exactly know how the other feels. As well, there are other options. Furthermore, if anyone is going through this, the best thing to do is just be real about everything. Thats AD.'s advice point blank period.

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