Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This post is inspired by every women in the world. As well for those girls who come in my store and struggle to chose a bikini to buy. Firstly, I believe each female is truly more than a gift from God. Shit, to be blunt their like human angels. Each and every female makes up the true definition of what the world is built on. That is birth, life and love (mother nature) As well, I adore the different qualities that all of you have. Now im sure I can speak for all men (I hope) that we depend on you. Im not talking about sex--even though' that's great. Yet im trying to relate to how we need you for survival. We need your love, your compassion and strength. So on and so forth.
Moving on, the point of this post is not to boost the fact that men and I love you all. But that women should no longer have fear or have insecurities. Well its hard to say never have any more, but yet you should work on gaining more confidence within yourserlf. Now you maybe thinking "what the hell does this guy know" or simply be giggling at that fact that im talking the truth. Please before I proceed, let me re-inforce that i'm a only child that was raised by a single parent mother. Ive seen and experieced many things that women endure. So I do know a little 1,2 when it comes to the way women feel, should be treated, and as well how they think of themselves. Although, what I ponder; is it too hard to see who you are. Maybe im being a little too vague, but what i actually mean is why cant women generally see their true beauty. Maybe its because their shy? or maybe its because they've been told different? or maybe that they just cant mentally ever be satisfied for what they appear to see. Honestly, instead of saying maybe I should have stated that each of those points take toll in your minds. Im not oblivious to this. C'mon now you should know 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' Yet what is still frustating to me is that, why cant each of you understand that God made you a certain way for a certain reason. I dont want to become all biblical to you, but its true. The craft of each women is built with beautiful grace. This means that because you dont have the hips or bum that famous celebs have, it doesnt make you any different. Every woman on this planet is gorgeous, some may not actually recognize it but do know YOU ARE something special. Trying to create or mold yourself to look a different way is wrong. Only because you were naturally ment to fit in those size jeans, and fit that certain size cup. Again ya'll may be kissing teeth but its real talk. I feel that insecurities can beat down and get the best of us male and female's. Its up to us to know how to fight back, and show our true colours. I know, I know we all have things that we just cant stand about us, it may be weight, teeth or lack of skill. Yet it shouldn't blind us from our true appearence, that is natural beauty. If only I could get a show of girls hands that are disgusted when they look in the mirror. Lets face it woman, each of you cant be a size 1 and in most cases guys dont even like that. Recently I found out that girls jeans can go to a size 0, now is it me or does that sound degrading? Me! I aint ever mad with some meat on the bone, only because thats the way I likes it. Nevertheless, its time for change, Obama said it the best, and im running with it all year. We need change with our lifes, relationships and mental state. Now if your willing to take that step with me, lets both make a positive difference and be whom we really are.

My heart goes out to all women of the world.


  1. you're so dope for this..real talks.

  2. Was almost in tears while reading this...I don't know who you are, but you are wise beyond your young years!! I've been strugglin' a lot lately with my self image, you don't know how much this meant, THANK YOU!!
    ~Joy B-Y

  3. As long as youuuuuuuuuuuuu know