Thursday, January 28, 2010


I must go to Asia before I die, God forbid.
But first I think it would be best if I move out.


Sorry ya'll i couldn't hold back any longer.


So in order to fight my temptation to buy food, I sometimes try to starve myself like allie mcbeal. Wow that wasn't cool. Anyways, in order to prevent thee constant growling kicks from hunger, I try and day dream. Now people when I day dream I get into a zone that sometimes scares me. All it takes is for me to stare at any minor object for longer than 3 minutes and im gone.

Anywhoo, not too long ago I began to day dream about fourtane. Obviously its got to be fourtane, thats the only reason why in school. I then slipped into a glorious collage of things I wish I had. To name a few; I was skipping back and forth on the long and short arms of a rolex, sleeping ontop of a giant 10 foot soft basketball and swimming through an ocean full of nuevo.

O' The good life!

However! about merely 12 minutes in after my eyes began to fizzle back into reality. Homeboy beside me in class slightly taped my elbow. And then he whispers the most embarressing thing i've heard in a while.
"Yo..yo.....dude are you drooling?"
So I linched back out of surprise shouting

"Nah Yo!'
as I whipe the slight drool from the bottom of my lip.

Need I say more.
Wommp Wommp Wommp!


Maestro Knows - Episode 4 (Bun B) from Maestro Knows

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I was going write a comment on anna's, but this clearly leads to my anger about life. Trust me the following piss's me off alot.

What the F*&%!!!
what is the dayumm need for sites to cock block anyone's comment. It makes it twice as hard to say something baby say say somthing baby!

I guess therefore thats just my cue to say nothing at all.
Wommp Wommp Wommp!!!


Due to school and other lavish fundamental hobbies I have, i've not been much attached to my blog. Sure enough it seems as if im more intrigued by others rambull ideas and feelings other than my page. Anyways for those buggers who always ask what im doing while im not typing away on here, well I be..
-eating junkfood
-crunching numbers from my textbook
-free livin' in otherwords living the unemployed life
-periodicly flip through watching the craptors and NCAA ball
-religiously watch entourage
-groove to francis & the lights, lykke li and little brother (to name a few)
-sob over my dear phone
-sleep instead of go to class
-and argue with my mother
...and umm thats all folks'


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Got in trouble in class for laughing.
Womp Wommp Woommppp!

Monday, January 18, 2010


What is about school that it can be the biggest vain of your life but yet have the sweestest touch. Recently i've had mixed feelings about the vibe and teachings of school. As if really anyone needs school. Well depending what field your getting in, although one thing in common that will never change when it comes to every course. Is that they're all bullshit. Teachers get paid half decent money to make students feel bad about their selfs. Not to mention they all set incrediable difficult assignment due dates for us poor students to achieve. I wouldn't be surprised if it was all apart of some master cult.
None of the less, the sweet thing about school. Is the the luxury of meeting new people/networking and watching the good looking prissy girls "she got a donk!" that dont give any dude the day of light. But people dont get it twisted I dont beg for no girl, especially at school. If I did, she better be one juicy peach. But enough about me.
It is what it is. School aint no joke, niether is anyone's future. So as much as I may dumb down school people it is still vital. So the key messege of the day kids is STAY IN SCHOOL.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


'TETRALOGY' - StyleByDrew from on Vimeo.




Im sure after today everyone has heard the statement on Hot97 from Jay about the relations of illuminati. Personally im not budging for none of that crap. Trust it took alot out of me to delete Jay out of my system. Although what needs to be done will be done. I just hope others realize as well.
Dude may pursay others with his phony response, but im not crackin'. Nope! Beyond all the accusations, if dude can explain the odd siblyminal messeges in his video's and evil lyrics like "Life begins when the church ends” “Jesus can’t save you” “Im in mason” ray-tay-tay. Not to forget homeboy's D'evils song on his Reasonable Doubt album. C'mon now people do your research. However maybe after explaining all of that, then I might slightly believe him. But other than that im a spiritual person who has a strong sense of what media is built upon.
But hey go ahead and follow fashion to all those praising him. And yes I said praising, you already refer to dude as Hov a.k.a. Jehaova.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I dont know about you, but my mother implies a house rule that I should only be sleeping in my bed. Ladies this doesnt mean I cant sleep in yours. But no really she is bascily saying she dislikes the fact of me falling asleep on the couch. Has that ever happend to you?
Im sure every dude knows how it feels to be up all day and the only thing you really look forward to is sprawling out relaxin' watching some basketball. Anywhoo, I frequently have the problem of falling asleep on the couch with the TV still running. Now people its not as if I dont wake up throughout the night and walk up to my room. Because of ofcourse I do. Not!

Although the awkward moment one night was when I gracefully fell asleep downstairs on the couch watching TV. Around 3, I quickly woke up to the sound of my moms drummin feet coming downstairs to yell. I flinched upright so quick that I began to pose as if I was awake all along. However what made it weird was by the time she got downstairs the channel was playing a girls gone wild infomercial. The instant look she gave me was as if I was watching it all along. Deadly.

Now that I think about it, this reminds me of a simliar moment when I heard an intense condom commercial while driving around with my mother. Not cool.





Blake Carrington's new dub over Drake's widly popular fear instrumental.
Check it out Fuck Fear at

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Shout out to the discombobulated tricks. These girls are truly working hard at their craft and making big moves. Im just glad im fourtunate to know them. When ya'll blow up dont forget about little me. Happy Birthday Charlene Asia Fiasco.

Be sure to check out their work and fashion/lifestyle ray-tay-tay on their blog.
Cant lie its well amusing.

When I think about it, all the female blogs that i've observed need a shout out as well. So without further a-do throw up your sets son!
and etc...


Made me giggle. P.S. girls nekked bare pussies are not cool. Neither are the over baring pandorum safari looking joints. I guess just keep it on point, the strip never fails. hehe! I giggle again


So recently I was sitting down with a friend of mine, having a friendly conversation. Anywhoo a couple minutes in the conversation she asked me a question that I was stumped on for nearly a half an hour. I could not for the life of me answer it. As follow it goes: "If you could pick any 2 indian celebrities to be with who would it be?"
So I was like "sure..ummm..umm well you know theres so many to choose from..ummmmmmmm..ummmmm"
Anyways im sure you get the point. Not till later on im like O' shit I would pick Vashtie. Only because everyone knows thats my long lost love. But apart from that, I have no clue of any other indian celebrity women. Aint that a shame. Tsk tsk. Indian people where you at stand up!
There after I took her question into a broader spectrum. In other words I analyzed all the races and this is who I came up with.

Brown (hope im not offending anyone): Va$htie and Frieda Pinto
Asain: Kelly Hu and Lucy Lui

White: Rachel Mcadams and Kristen Bell
Black: Nikki-Jean and Sanaa lathan
Spanish: Rosario Dawson and tie between Mila Kunis and Vida Guerra

If yall dont know the names I listed, feel free to creep and google that bad boy.
For me to post all those faces would be obscene and a waste of space. As well if no one had noticed, I picked mostly the underated ladies that most people take for granted. I guess im usually more attracted to that. Anywhoooooo..

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Okay im going to keep this short and brief. How are you too feel when you help lead someone down the right pathway but yet they choose to turn the other way around?
Its almost like you teach your pet to pee outside the house instead of infront of your door, but yet this pet feels that it would be best instead to pee and shit on your pillow. Maybe thats not the best example to describe a lost girl, although its the first thing that comes to mind. Now I know im a dude who may never exactly know how girls feel. But i've already made it clear that I do have good insight in what occurs in their life. However for some reason I cannot comprehend why girls in most cases always feel they must be with a dude. They always seem to be whipped around the thought of having a man of their own they can keep on speed dial and annoy. Please lets just be real people and let me know. Because if its about a dude who throws the D on you, c'mon now you can get that anywhere. Is it because most girls are emotionally challenged? In otherwords if a mans pressence is not in their life they become very lonely and disfigured from social life. I just simply dont understand.
Well the reason why I ask this is because a friend of mine had asked me to help encourage her to do the right thing after she broke up with her ex. So as a good mate austrailian slang I agreed to do so. Anyways, reason why they broke up is because homeboy had of bag girls at one time including her "just throw in the bag!" oops! maybe that wasn't appropriate. Truly I dont know how most dudes manage that. Personally I would get mad annoyed with all that click clackin and attachment. But furthermore, I gave her the steps and suggestions how to get over the dude. But ofcourse in true women behaviour they always want to snoop back around and find as much dirt as possible. Why is this? I have no clue. Whats lame is that it reflects that the individual her still seeks to want the dirtbag. Which in essence it is subliminally true. Moving on, it is not till today that I found out that she is back with the dude even after he slightly brezzy'd her and said leave me alone...hmmmmmmm just thinking about it makes me want to crack knuckles. But now that I lost faith in her, am I the one who's wrong? As far as I know I did what she asked me to. Whether she accepts it, is up to her.
Lastly I just want to include that girls need to help more girls out. Not to say im not willing to help but yet lets be real. Dudes will always be triffling, even my cats are smatter than that. So bascily I just hope that girls are out there helping one another down right path instead the wrong one, because low self esteem and confidence is not much of an excuse. *huff! glad I got that off my chest, so much for keeping this short and brief

Sucks to be a girl, O' well glad I aint one.
Kardinal voice "BRRAAAAAAAA!!!"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


K, look im addressing the pure intent of going out to the club is OVERATED. Now correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure if you have a facebook account, your inbox is hella full of party promotions. Sadly, I get those on the regualr. It's reached the point where I get so lazy I dont even bother delete them. Therefore this is why my inbox is slightly short of bucking 900 messeges. Nevertheless, the point im trying to come across is the party scene will never go anywhere. It will always be in the same place, whether you stay in tonight or not.
Personally, im not beefing with the those who live that party lifestyle. Because its always nice and dandy to be in the lights, ladies getting bodied by Jersey shore/Peak season guys and dance intoxicated with your girls. But yet, is it all worth it??? C'mon now what are you really missing out on or accomplishing? Because I sure know it aint taking candid pictures half drunk with a bottle in your hand or slightly exposing your panites on facebook.
Honestly I dont want to be a hyprachrit (hope I spelled that right? but sure enough with my luck I didn't) because I believe dearly that everone should live their life especially in their prime. Although have you ever thought how many drinks can your immune system take after a while? How many people can you talorate stepping on your shoes, better yet ladies your toes?
So curse those who think its lame to be humble than flashy. I cannot be one to judge one's outlet, yet instead of drizzy; I encourage all to make sure its the right one.
At the end of the day its merly an option to live the life you desire and the path you follow.


Don Cannon + Cool Kids: Free Throws from Decatur Dan on Vimeo.


“My experiences have been, from the very beginning, cultural and creative. And my business has been a way of exposing the culture, exposing the artists so that the world could hear and see them."
-Russell Simmons

"I suffered the worst pains to help me grow. So those pains & experiences, I would never ask to take away because they all are in god's plan. And help make me into the man I am today. And help make me more of a soldier & vessull to help fight the world in traditional thinking."
-Kanye West

Thought i'd share some words of wisdom from Russell Simmons and Kanye West. These words mean so much to me, and in due time you all will understand why. Anyways, carry-on. Im back to listen'n to the new J.Cole-Playground joint. I think i can already declare it as a early mourning wake up feel good track minus the swearing.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Fat lazy ass Dolce

Im in desperate need to know what do with my two fat pussies? Sorry my two cats Dolce and Gabanna. Its crazy to see how they grow before your eyes. Whats worst is when people come over, their always like "the cats got bigger!" but yet I stay in denial. Honestly right now I dont think they need medical help but yet they do seem fat and lazy.
Well whats for sure are the two have different personailites from one another. Dolce the one up top, is the lazy trick who sleeps on top of the table for the whole day. You would swear she thinks she is a princess living in her grand palace. But ofcourse as any royalty would do, all she does is sleep and sit on her throne from the time I wake up and till the time I fall asleep. Now the other trick Gabanna is a little less lazy. She holds down upstairs. Not to mention she goes buck when I play Drake-Uptown, its prolly cuz the base keeps cracking off my walls. But anyways she runs around time to time when she feels like having A.D.D. or she see's a shadow. Also for the most part she cant stand other people. She always thinks someone wants to pick her up and kidnap her so instead she hides inside of my closet of shoes.
However I still dont understand, what do I do with fat pussies? Its hard to train them. The only time they usually feel like being active is when im watching basketball and fooling around; crossing myself out and dunking off the imaginary net on the ceiling. Other than that its a no-go. Lastly I thought maybe if I starve them *insert evil laugh that might work. But sadly it didnt. They get even more annoying then my mom when their hungery. Especially if they want their treats. I dont know if anyone has seen the commerical where the dude shakes a bag of cat treats from another room, and the cat breaks through numerous amount of walls to be fed. Well beasicly its absolutely true, all I have to do is slightly shake the bag of treats and the cats come running like crack feins. Shits dope.

Young Gabanna

Gabanna leg fucking me or something and young Dolce running off.


You know what piss's me off alot. MOTHERS. I know each and every mother is different. Some are soft and lovely which is only a front. However the rest are strict with no sign of fear or doubt in their eyes. Ofcourse with my luck, I recieve one of the trini sparton mothers. Every other second is a problem with this lady. Either I didn't do this nor do that and so on & so forth. Everyday it feels like a wrestlemania match beween her and I. Dont get me wrong, there are the good times..wait is there? well im sure this is, but for the most part its not easy. "Mothers will just never understand"
O' well what I was trying to get at was that each mother usually carries this annoying trait. In which I mean they all do the incredibly annoying wine. Im not talking bout your ol' time buttafly wine, im talking about that screeching voice that goes on and on for days. You ever realize just when you think their done, they come right back with some more nonsense? Whats worst is if they carry on about it all day to the point where they have to call up their homegirl or man and wine about you even more. And it just so happends they always try to talk on the phone loud enough so you can hear and cringe.
So someone please tell me what do during those situations. I could of sworn i've tried every tactic. I've done the silent treatment, which only makes you want to leave the house because you can still hear their voice in your head even when they stop yelling. As well, i've always done the usual bickkering back. I must say that always feels good when you can get that out of your system. But hmm, im out of thoughts. Now that I think about it, I guess the best thing to do is just think about moving out soon into an expensive condo or loft. *sigh that feels good

Monday, January 4, 2010


Look first and formost, having a 4GB ipod sucks! Not cool at all. I struggle to put all my favourite jams on blast at once. So much for moms getting the christmas hint. Anyways, this is my list of top albums of year, or shall I say past year. Basicly these albums and as well me downloading nearly ever other day is the reason why my computer is so fucked up. O' well hope ya'll enjoy.
1. Black eyed peas-The E.N.D
2. Discovery-LP
3. Wale-Attention Deficit
4. Mr. Hudson- Straight no chaser
5. Clipse-Till the casket drops
6. Kid Cudi-Man on the moon
7. Maxwell-Black summers night
8. Q-tip-Kamaal the abstract
9. KJ-The Headphone
10. Rick Ross- Deeper than rap
*Honerable mention: Jay-z-Blueprint 3 because he is..well he believes..look i just hardly listen to homeboy anymore.
My top mixtapes of the year were:
1. J. Cole-The warm up
2. Drake-So far gone
3. Theophilus London-The charming
4. Chester French-Jacque jams Vol.1
5. Melanie Fiona & ?ueslove-Live session of the bridge
6. Marsha Ambrosious-Yours truly
7. Cool Kids-Merry Christmas
8. Wolf J-Upside down day
9. Trey songz-Anticipation
10. Wale-Back to the feature


Okay so far this has been an adventure of its own. In which I mean since exams, surprisingly the best available period of time for me to think straight and do me is around 2-7 a.m. By then, im getting in all my daily goals and finishing up work.
If your confused right now and asking what the F*%# do I do during the rest of the day? well im already sure you've seen the first picutre above. In otherwords, I fall asleep in weird creases and places in my house other than my room at odd times of the day. It just happends to be that my mother took a picture of me sleeping with a pair of scissors in my hand for no reason. She's such a lame. Anyways, im curious to know if im the only one who has this problem? Wait..correct me if im wrong, but I dont actually think its a problem. Hmmm, more so a bat habbit, yes i said bat. On that note, I am going to continue watching Gargoyles and simultaneously sit infront of my boring monitor.

Earphone accompanied by a mix of KJ, Eric Arc Elliot and J. Cole

LMAO dont mind me im a fool. I was inspired by lexington the gargoyle.

Friday, January 1, 2010


"Now I can let these dream killers kill my self esteem-or use my arrogance as steam to power my dreams!!!”
-Kanye West