Tuesday, January 5, 2010


You know what piss's me off alot. MOTHERS. I know each and every mother is different. Some are soft and lovely which is only a front. However the rest are strict with no sign of fear or doubt in their eyes. Ofcourse with my luck, I recieve one of the trini sparton mothers. Every other second is a problem with this lady. Either I didn't do this nor do that and so on & so forth. Everyday it feels like a wrestlemania match beween her and I. Dont get me wrong, there are the good times..wait is there? well im sure this is, but for the most part its not easy. "Mothers will just never understand"
O' well what I was trying to get at was that each mother usually carries this annoying trait. In which I mean they all do the incredibly annoying wine. Im not talking bout your ol' time buttafly wine, im talking about that screeching voice that goes on and on for days. You ever realize just when you think their done, they come right back with some more nonsense? Whats worst is if they carry on about it all day to the point where they have to call up their homegirl or man and wine about you even more. And it just so happends they always try to talk on the phone loud enough so you can hear and cringe.
So someone please tell me what do during those situations. I could of sworn i've tried every tactic. I've done the silent treatment, which only makes you want to leave the house because you can still hear their voice in your head even when they stop yelling. As well, i've always done the usual bickkering back. I must say that always feels good when you can get that out of your system. But hmm, im out of thoughts. Now that I think about it, I guess the best thing to do is just think about moving out soon into an expensive condo or loft. *sigh that feels good

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