Monday, January 18, 2010


What is about school that it can be the biggest vain of your life but yet have the sweestest touch. Recently i've had mixed feelings about the vibe and teachings of school. As if really anyone needs school. Well depending what field your getting in, although one thing in common that will never change when it comes to every course. Is that they're all bullshit. Teachers get paid half decent money to make students feel bad about their selfs. Not to mention they all set incrediable difficult assignment due dates for us poor students to achieve. I wouldn't be surprised if it was all apart of some master cult.
None of the less, the sweet thing about school. Is the the luxury of meeting new people/networking and watching the good looking prissy girls "she got a donk!" that dont give any dude the day of light. But people dont get it twisted I dont beg for no girl, especially at school. If I did, she better be one juicy peach. But enough about me.
It is what it is. School aint no joke, niether is anyone's future. So as much as I may dumb down school people it is still vital. So the key messege of the day kids is STAY IN SCHOOL.

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