Wednesday, January 6, 2010


K, look im addressing the pure intent of going out to the club is OVERATED. Now correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure if you have a facebook account, your inbox is hella full of party promotions. Sadly, I get those on the regualr. It's reached the point where I get so lazy I dont even bother delete them. Therefore this is why my inbox is slightly short of bucking 900 messeges. Nevertheless, the point im trying to come across is the party scene will never go anywhere. It will always be in the same place, whether you stay in tonight or not.
Personally, im not beefing with the those who live that party lifestyle. Because its always nice and dandy to be in the lights, ladies getting bodied by Jersey shore/Peak season guys and dance intoxicated with your girls. But yet, is it all worth it??? C'mon now what are you really missing out on or accomplishing? Because I sure know it aint taking candid pictures half drunk with a bottle in your hand or slightly exposing your panites on facebook.
Honestly I dont want to be a hyprachrit (hope I spelled that right? but sure enough with my luck I didn't) because I believe dearly that everone should live their life especially in their prime. Although have you ever thought how many drinks can your immune system take after a while? How many people can you talorate stepping on your shoes, better yet ladies your toes?
So curse those who think its lame to be humble than flashy. I cannot be one to judge one's outlet, yet instead of drizzy; I encourage all to make sure its the right one.
At the end of the day its merly an option to live the life you desire and the path you follow.

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