Thursday, January 7, 2010


Okay im going to keep this short and brief. How are you too feel when you help lead someone down the right pathway but yet they choose to turn the other way around?
Its almost like you teach your pet to pee outside the house instead of infront of your door, but yet this pet feels that it would be best instead to pee and shit on your pillow. Maybe thats not the best example to describe a lost girl, although its the first thing that comes to mind. Now I know im a dude who may never exactly know how girls feel. But i've already made it clear that I do have good insight in what occurs in their life. However for some reason I cannot comprehend why girls in most cases always feel they must be with a dude. They always seem to be whipped around the thought of having a man of their own they can keep on speed dial and annoy. Please lets just be real people and let me know. Because if its about a dude who throws the D on you, c'mon now you can get that anywhere. Is it because most girls are emotionally challenged? In otherwords if a mans pressence is not in their life they become very lonely and disfigured from social life. I just simply dont understand.
Well the reason why I ask this is because a friend of mine had asked me to help encourage her to do the right thing after she broke up with her ex. So as a good mate austrailian slang I agreed to do so. Anyways, reason why they broke up is because homeboy had of bag girls at one time including her "just throw in the bag!" oops! maybe that wasn't appropriate. Truly I dont know how most dudes manage that. Personally I would get mad annoyed with all that click clackin and attachment. But furthermore, I gave her the steps and suggestions how to get over the dude. But ofcourse in true women behaviour they always want to snoop back around and find as much dirt as possible. Why is this? I have no clue. Whats lame is that it reflects that the individual her still seeks to want the dirtbag. Which in essence it is subliminally true. Moving on, it is not till today that I found out that she is back with the dude even after he slightly brezzy'd her and said leave me alone...hmmmmmmm just thinking about it makes me want to crack knuckles. But now that I lost faith in her, am I the one who's wrong? As far as I know I did what she asked me to. Whether she accepts it, is up to her.
Lastly I just want to include that girls need to help more girls out. Not to say im not willing to help but yet lets be real. Dudes will always be triffling, even my cats are smatter than that. So bascily I just hope that girls are out there helping one another down right path instead the wrong one, because low self esteem and confidence is not much of an excuse. *huff! glad I got that off my chest, so much for keeping this short and brief

Sucks to be a girl, O' well glad I aint one.
Kardinal voice "BRRAAAAAAAA!!!"

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