Thursday, January 28, 2010


So in order to fight my temptation to buy food, I sometimes try to starve myself like allie mcbeal. Wow that wasn't cool. Anyways, in order to prevent thee constant growling kicks from hunger, I try and day dream. Now people when I day dream I get into a zone that sometimes scares me. All it takes is for me to stare at any minor object for longer than 3 minutes and im gone.

Anywhoo, not too long ago I began to day dream about fourtane. Obviously its got to be fourtane, thats the only reason why in school. I then slipped into a glorious collage of things I wish I had. To name a few; I was skipping back and forth on the long and short arms of a rolex, sleeping ontop of a giant 10 foot soft basketball and swimming through an ocean full of nuevo.

O' The good life!

However! about merely 12 minutes in after my eyes began to fizzle back into reality. Homeboy beside me in class slightly taped my elbow. And then he whispers the most embarressing thing i've heard in a while.
"Yo..yo.....dude are you drooling?"
So I linched back out of surprise shouting

"Nah Yo!'
as I whipe the slight drool from the bottom of my lip.

Need I say more.
Wommp Wommp Wommp!

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