Monday, July 20, 2009



Padma Lakshmi has created her very own namesake jewelry line, Padma inspired by her Indian heritage and love for fashion and food. The delicate designs combine eastern and western cul tures using natural seed-pod shapes. The line promotes balance and femininity for the female form and consists of fine bracelets, necklaces, cuffs, earrings, and rings in both 10 and 14 carat gold. Each piece is remarkably wearable, whether you pair the jewelry with jeans and a tee or a cocktail dress. “I wanted something more modern and delicate. I also wanted to create something that women would love to wear, jewelry that highlights the myriad sides of a woman’s personality without upstaging her,” explains creator Padma Lakshmi. The Padma jewelry line debuted at Bergdorf Goodman in New York this past May.


Firstly, Pac Div has always been one of my favorite groups that keep it real and are absolutely dope. Secondly, other than the beautiful Melanie fiona's mixtape, ive been killing my eardrums with Pacific division's new mixtape. Its called chruch league champions. I know its a lil' odd for a name but it's the the theme of the mixtape. Download it and enjoy the Pac Div experience. P.S the video's above are old but still dope, get familiar.


I apologize to all the phenomenal fans. I've been having massive busy weeks so far. Dearly I want to post something but I havent had much energy to do such. Between each of my two jobs I work 14 hours a day 5 out 7 days/week. Imagine waking up to be at work for 8 a.m each day, finishing at 4 or 5, then running (no joke) to your other job to finish at 10 p.m and getting home at minutes to 12. If I only had free time, I would expose the mindblasting things I encounter daily, although im not givin much of that priviledge. Although I will make more of an effort to do so.

As well, im in the mits of leaving my reatil job for another one..yuck suu wuu!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Snapped when I heard this at work today. This brings back mad memories. Young me, sitting there playing my Rugrats soundtrack, with my dinky little portable CD player. It was in such bad condition I had to hold down the top because tape or elastic bands wouldn't do the job. Sidenote, the soundtrack had a bomb song by Busta Rhymes.


As if living with my mother isn't hard enough, it gets worst driving with her. She always has something to say no matter what. Either im going to fast or too slow. Either im paying too much attention to the road or not because im listening to her yap. All in all, I can never satisfy that women. Anyone willing to adopt?


Whats bigger then a billion?

Still pondering? Well!!!

This is the br-br-br-br-break down!
Hundred-Billion-Trillion-Gazzilion...then the most largest number of plex (yes that is it right)..

I know its a little strange.
Yet, look it up tricks if you dont believe me.
Good day!

Thursday, July 9, 2009



I apologize for the less-occuring posts this week. That is because im on the grind between Basketball camp, Extreme water sports camp and Retail. STORY OF MY LIFE!
Working 14 hour days all week aint cute, nor is the paycheck bitches! HAHA!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I know I know Michael will be cherished but hot dayummm! I didnt know the craze for his death would extend such a distance. More so, its my mother that has me crackin up. Telling me she's willing to lose her job today to just watch the memorial. As if taking her long hour and a half lunch was'nt good enough. She had to watch the live stream on her computer as well. What can I say? My family just doesn't give a dayum! Thats whats up!
Sidenote, she's a very tear one, those type of women who tear up watching ish' like that and the family home approvement show's. Me? hell to the N.O.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Whats your greatest weakeness?

Mine is..
1) Saving money
2) Being lazy
3) Pancakes/Waffles/Cake

...O' ye did I say saving money


Why cant we just have overnight success? Because really and truly 'I just want to be successful!'...
Having dreams is always fun and dandy only inless you really follow them. If you slack and let the chance slip by, you get nothing back in return. I've come somewhat to a conclusion that, I have to make sure to never settle down. In otherwords, I have to go hard and become the mad man of my craft. This is only because if I want to execute my dream, I need to show something for it. And im not talking just physically but also spiritually. The phrase "it costs to be the boss," is no word of a lie. I am strieving to be nothing but my own boss in the future and in order for that to happen, I need much more productivity. Support may not always be there (because I sure dont ever get it from my Mom) but the point is that you must maintain to hold your own and keep battling to the end of fate. As a kid i've always had the mentality "you cant tell me nothing" yet still to this day I carry that. All in all, as much as we all desire to be successful asap, nothing comes free in life nor handed to us on a gold platter. Get hungery for what you want and go get it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


So ye im here scrolling through tour dates for Yezzy X Gaga (who I have a junior highschool crush on *keep hating) between October-December and ummm..i've yet to see Toronto on the list for any of the dates. Much less anywhere in Canada. Im sure they'll make it here, sooner or later. But who's trying to wait that long? Sure aint me, so to my peoples back in NY (HELLO BROOKLYN!) i'll see you at madison square garden on October 15th. Although if I do scavenge enough people to come with me to buffalo on October 4th for the concert, i'll have to pass on the MSG. Whatever it is, im going to do-what-it-do.


Blake Carrington live this thursday July 9th at the Drake Hotel, downtown Toronto.
Admission $10. The show starts at 9pm. A night filled with amazing performances, bob-your-head-until-it-hurts-type-of-music and an overall feel good vibe.
The best 10 dollars you'll ever spend!
Thats 1150 Queen Street West. Major intersection Abell & Queen st W. Be there or you're LAME !

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I just found out that the cancer child who accoused Michael Jackson of touching him, came out after his death saying it was a lie. That second when I heard that, I wanted to beat up someone out of anger. If only I caught either the child or dad on the street, it would be a problem. This is because apparently, the father was the one who enforced his child to say such false accusations. (Money hungry!) Therfore, I guess its only right not to be mad at the child, (as if cancer is not bad enough) plus at that time he was probably to young to know what problems he was actually creating. After that situation, it was clear that Michael was taking too many medications. It may possibly because of the depression caused by the trial and the outside world (absolute assumption)
Nevertheless, im sure Jackson fans are not to shabby about the situation. Lets hope that father lives a peaceful life.


Friday, July 3, 2009


1. When approaching someone that you think you know, when you really don't. This is only because you caught a slight visual of the person, when really you didn't get enough of a full visual scan of the stranger. Nevertheless, causing you to look like a fool when you approach the person. "Hey!! how you b---..wait..ooooo..nevermind"

2. Having friends that dont watch Basketball or dont even like it in the first place. They simply cant even grasp the fact of the sport. Causing them to be absolutely confused and disturbed about the concept of a ball being placed in a net. Most def' this is awkward for me because I was raised on that sport, and always grew up with people that played or admired the sport. O' well! luckily I only know two people that dont like it, or else I would become insane.


Dont ask why, but I thought i'd share. These are my idols--wow! I lied because that sounds groupie ish'. Better yet these dudes, are just a few of who I look up to. Although I dont know who the last dude is to the far right. Hmmm...looks like a lost washed up Jonas brother.


Dope Movie! A must see, for those who like action movies, gangster/romance storyline and tailored suits.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


So today I hit my breaking point for retail. It all suddenly rained on my head, with each drop hammering a loud cracking noise against my skull. Without a doubt today happend to be just terrible. The vibe wasn't right, the staff around me, were.. meh! and the customers were drivng me insane. I wanted to walk out on the spot. Nevertheless, the point of this chapter in retail is about cleaning.
Cleaning is one thee most aggravating procedures of work. My store--sorry the store I work in (for now) is fairly big compared to other stores in the mall. Therefore, creating more people to come inside. Therefore after that, creating people to make more of a mess. Therefore overall creating the staff to clean up after customer's fucking mess. (Excuse my language, I take some of this to heart) I realize we all have the humane tendency of coming into a store and picking a product. That we may or may not have any intrest in buying. If we choose to buy it, we pick it up and go on our way. Although in most cases if we dont choose on buying it because were broke/windowshopping(dont act like you haven't) or just get plain ol' sick of whatever your looking at. We always leave it in a strange messy state. In otherwords, definetely not how we found it. Why? I guess because that would be too much work for people huh? O well' I cant dwell on the behaviour of people in & out of my store because im a victim of the same thing..hardly. Although I do slip up every once in a while hanging back up my stuff for the people working the changeroom life. Yet, if only people knew the hard work and time that must be givin to put in a store after its closed. When you dog' on customers come back to the store when it opens at 9:30 am (why your up so early shopping, I still ponder) the store doesn't magically become clean overnight. People put in alot of effort sliding up and down those bunched up hangers (with their hands that is), sleeving clothes, folding clothes, putting back shit and still making sure that they look like the shit by the time they come out of the mall at mintues to your little brother's/sister's bed time.
In addition, has your manager ever waited to the last second of the gates closing to tell you what you have to clean? Isn't that some bull. As if your not already itching to get out of the place, you have to wait to the last mili-second to find out. What's worst is when you already have begun cleaning your zone that you were positioned in and once the the store is closed your manager sends you to some other random zone to clean. As if, he/she didn't notice that you already started and was having a good rhythem cleaning. But I guess that's another post for another day about Manager's v.s Staff. (I know a couple people I work with are fiening for me to write that)
All in all, employees of retail never get the respect that their due from customers/staff regarding cleaning.

P.S I hate when people I work with are slow cleaning..urghh!