Thursday, July 2, 2009


So today I hit my breaking point for retail. It all suddenly rained on my head, with each drop hammering a loud cracking noise against my skull. Without a doubt today happend to be just terrible. The vibe wasn't right, the staff around me, were.. meh! and the customers were drivng me insane. I wanted to walk out on the spot. Nevertheless, the point of this chapter in retail is about cleaning.
Cleaning is one thee most aggravating procedures of work. My store--sorry the store I work in (for now) is fairly big compared to other stores in the mall. Therefore, creating more people to come inside. Therefore after that, creating people to make more of a mess. Therefore overall creating the staff to clean up after customer's fucking mess. (Excuse my language, I take some of this to heart) I realize we all have the humane tendency of coming into a store and picking a product. That we may or may not have any intrest in buying. If we choose to buy it, we pick it up and go on our way. Although in most cases if we dont choose on buying it because were broke/windowshopping(dont act like you haven't) or just get plain ol' sick of whatever your looking at. We always leave it in a strange messy state. In otherwords, definetely not how we found it. Why? I guess because that would be too much work for people huh? O well' I cant dwell on the behaviour of people in & out of my store because im a victim of the same thing..hardly. Although I do slip up every once in a while hanging back up my stuff for the people working the changeroom life. Yet, if only people knew the hard work and time that must be givin to put in a store after its closed. When you dog' on customers come back to the store when it opens at 9:30 am (why your up so early shopping, I still ponder) the store doesn't magically become clean overnight. People put in alot of effort sliding up and down those bunched up hangers (with their hands that is), sleeving clothes, folding clothes, putting back shit and still making sure that they look like the shit by the time they come out of the mall at mintues to your little brother's/sister's bed time.
In addition, has your manager ever waited to the last second of the gates closing to tell you what you have to clean? Isn't that some bull. As if your not already itching to get out of the place, you have to wait to the last mili-second to find out. What's worst is when you already have begun cleaning your zone that you were positioned in and once the the store is closed your manager sends you to some other random zone to clean. As if, he/she didn't notice that you already started and was having a good rhythem cleaning. But I guess that's another post for another day about Manager's v.s Staff. (I know a couple people I work with are fiening for me to write that)
All in all, employees of retail never get the respect that their due from customers/staff regarding cleaning.

P.S I hate when people I work with are slow cleaning..urghh!

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