Friday, July 3, 2009


1. When approaching someone that you think you know, when you really don't. This is only because you caught a slight visual of the person, when really you didn't get enough of a full visual scan of the stranger. Nevertheless, causing you to look like a fool when you approach the person. "Hey!! how you b---..wait..ooooo..nevermind"

2. Having friends that dont watch Basketball or dont even like it in the first place. They simply cant even grasp the fact of the sport. Causing them to be absolutely confused and disturbed about the concept of a ball being placed in a net. Most def' this is awkward for me because I was raised on that sport, and always grew up with people that played or admired the sport. O' well! luckily I only know two people that dont like it, or else I would become insane.

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