Saturday, July 4, 2009


I just found out that the cancer child who accoused Michael Jackson of touching him, came out after his death saying it was a lie. That second when I heard that, I wanted to beat up someone out of anger. If only I caught either the child or dad on the street, it would be a problem. This is because apparently, the father was the one who enforced his child to say such false accusations. (Money hungry!) Therfore, I guess its only right not to be mad at the child, (as if cancer is not bad enough) plus at that time he was probably to young to know what problems he was actually creating. After that situation, it was clear that Michael was taking too many medications. It may possibly because of the depression caused by the trial and the outside world (absolute assumption)
Nevertheless, im sure Jackson fans are not to shabby about the situation. Lets hope that father lives a peaceful life.

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