Thursday, January 14, 2010


Im sure after today everyone has heard the statement on Hot97 from Jay about the relations of illuminati. Personally im not budging for none of that crap. Trust it took alot out of me to delete Jay out of my system. Although what needs to be done will be done. I just hope others realize as well.
Dude may pursay others with his phony response, but im not crackin'. Nope! Beyond all the accusations, if dude can explain the odd siblyminal messeges in his video's and evil lyrics like "Life begins when the church ends” “Jesus can’t save you” “Im in mason” ray-tay-tay. Not to forget homeboy's D'evils song on his Reasonable Doubt album. C'mon now people do your research. However maybe after explaining all of that, then I might slightly believe him. But other than that im a spiritual person who has a strong sense of what media is built upon.
But hey go ahead and follow fashion to all those praising him. And yes I said praising, you already refer to dude as Hov a.k.a. Jehaova.

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