Monday, January 4, 2010


Okay so far this has been an adventure of its own. In which I mean since exams, surprisingly the best available period of time for me to think straight and do me is around 2-7 a.m. By then, im getting in all my daily goals and finishing up work.
If your confused right now and asking what the F*%# do I do during the rest of the day? well im already sure you've seen the first picutre above. In otherwords, I fall asleep in weird creases and places in my house other than my room at odd times of the day. It just happends to be that my mother took a picture of me sleeping with a pair of scissors in my hand for no reason. She's such a lame. Anyways, im curious to know if im the only one who has this problem? Wait..correct me if im wrong, but I dont actually think its a problem. Hmmm, more so a bat habbit, yes i said bat. On that note, I am going to continue watching Gargoyles and simultaneously sit infront of my boring monitor.

Earphone accompanied by a mix of KJ, Eric Arc Elliot and J. Cole

LMAO dont mind me im a fool. I was inspired by lexington the gargoyle.

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