Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Why guys are we so uncapable of showing our hidden nerdy/dorky side to girls? Is it because we think were not men if we dont? Or is it because we think they will think different of us? Whatever it is, I know it gets the best of us, including I. Although recently I think i've come clean with exactly who I am. For anyone who know's the AD. behind all these posts, they know that I trip alot and make foolish slurs. Not to mention sometimes things slip out my mouth, that I ment differently. Enough with me, because I have so much more, but lets focus on ya'll. Can we stop hiding from this prompt male attitude that we usually carry and be real. I know when hanging out with your homeboys, you dont want to mention the lovey dovey ish you do. Yet I just ask to be up-front with it instead of being oblivious.

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