Saturday, May 9, 2009


One love goes out to all the mothers out there. Tommorow, all mothers around the world are to be recognized for their hard work and effort. Its not easy being a mother, not to say i would know 100% because im far from that. Although, what i do know exactly is that every mother deserves a little bit' of love. If that means you just giving a hug, cooking a well gourmet breakfest, or just even buying a card from the dollar store (because surely thats what i did) then do so. Dont stoop as low to just smerk a smile and move on with your day. I dont know how anyone could have grace or wonder around the world doing whatever they do, without respecting their mother. Honestly i'll tell you first hand that my mother and I dont have the best relationship, well almost never had it great. Although as much as we rave and bicker at one another, there will never be a mothers day that will past, and i dont acknowledge her for it. I know it takes two to tingo' in order to make one, although all my life she's replaced that 2 parent spot and made it her own. I respect her dearly for that, it takes hard work to raise an AD.

So if you know anyone who is a mother of any kind, do please go out your way and show some love by saying "Happy Mothers day!" Because at the least thats what they deserve. Go and call every mother in your family and go outside and yell out congradualating mothers. ( WOW maybe thats whyling!)
As well for all those those young mothers that have been incresingly blooming in this decade and the last, my heart goes out to you. Its for certain that people always look at you wrong and may be judgemental of your actions. Although do know you and God are in possesion of life. Cant anyone change that, no matter how many words people sling at you. Maintain to stay strong and fight for whats right. All in all, this day is to be cherished as an uplifting moment for all women in generall.

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