Saturday, May 16, 2009


For me, this is definetly the word of the week. It just happend to be earlier in the week I was talking with Tone's mom about patience. When it comes down to it, in order for greatness and successes in life you must have patience. There are so many things that we tend to usually rush, instead of actually taking the time to give it our best. If we dont utilize patience then, we began to have regret. Which is never any good for anyone.
Recently someone reminded me that patience towards a friendship is more of an asset than a liability. In otherwords, she (oops!) showed me the best way to eaze into something or get what you want is actually through patience. As well, one can learn better from one another when taking their time. What's a trip is that patience just really applies to everything. It may sometimes hurt and be difficult yet its still at the end of the day a virtue.
Therefore all I can do is cringe, when i have to wait on people because I know im going to be well satisfied in the end. So bare with me ya'll as I try and wait on a magical gift for this blog.

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