Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Recently this week I had to come to terms with losing a great friend of mine. Frankly, still to this day it hasn't been the greatest thought to digest. Yet, I continually think to myself if there was only anything that I or anyone can do from preventing this to happen. Sadly, somethings just dont happen to work out that way. This is because God, always has a plan in place for each and everyone.
So due to the unfortunate circumstances, this only pushes me and my surrounding family to work even harder. However I cant speak on the behalf of everyone, although I do know that I carry his voice alongside with me. With that being said, I vow to become more wise, hard working and accertive to the benifit of my family.
I can truly say that you played a backbone role in my life yet as well many others. It deeply hurts within my heart to know that you had to leave. It is not often that one can claim a true loyal, devoted and supporting friend. Many people will encounter different people within their life, whether their a friend, aqauintence or just someone you know of around the way. But you were a friend that I had who shared the same vision beyond any means. For that I will always be thankful for. As well, you will always be appreciated and loved by each and everyone of us.

So please dont take this as a goodbye, but instead as a see you later

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  1. omg that just made me cry for the tenth time today.. :(