Friday, December 18, 2009


“For 30 days starting from today my entire album “The Headphone” will be available for FREE download as a thank you but more importantly stressing that the music is the most important thing. I would rather people who dont know get a taste and people who do know get a gift, this concept was not a concept i came up with on my own” KJ
K look, this is serious when i have to go out my way to blog something right before leaving to my exam. I have the upmost respect for this dude's work. I can honestly speak from the heart when I say this guy will become much more than he now appears. Honestly, he is the drum, kick and bass of your long awaited good soul hiphop venture. I advise all to GET FAMILIAR! This is KJ's album that people are fortunate to download for 30 days of today. So shit' please bless your earlobs with magical greatness. Thats enough from me, the album speaks for its self.

KJ-Repeat Official Music Video from Lavado Stubbs(conchboy films) on Vimeo.

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