Thursday, June 25, 2009


The king of pop has somehow always placed a toll in each of our hearts. Especially mine since a youth. I will never forget those times standing infront of the tv mimicking each and every move he does. Being in the shower swinging each of my limbs and what not right to left to a classic of his. Sitting in my room, being in utter fright of the song thriller. As well, constantly watching his concert on my old dusty tape untill my vcr could not play it any more. I could not possibly forever forget the joy he has givin me. This man in my eyes was merly a symbol of jesus, other than ray allen. He made any body feel like their somebody, now thats dope.
As I was at work earlier today my boss, came up to me and said that he was dead, and as usual I just brushed it off like it was a rumour (same way I did about aaliyah) Yet only to find out by my mother on my break that it was absolutely true. Michael was found dead in his house due to heart failure. Sadly, once I found that out, it struck a nerve. Then I began thinking about his family and many friends and fans he's affected. Somehow I still dont want to accept the fact that he's actually gone. Even though secretly, I felt that his time was going to come real soon. Nevertheless, at the age of 50, this man who was willing to go back on tour was an amazing individual and will be cherished forever. I can only imagine from this day on, the many tributes and songs were about to hear about him. Sidenote, my mother has been hitched to the tv watching CNN for the longest damn time. O we'll, if you ever been a fan of his work, do take time out and listen to a song or album of his to pay your respect.

[August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009]

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  1. couldn't stop crying..
    he's the reason i became a dancer--he was my life for the first couple of years after i started walking.. i need a minute. *tear*

    Asia F.