Friday, June 26, 2009


Have you ever had to encounter seeing someone you just either wouldn't aspect to see nor do you even want to talk to them. Or passing ways with someone you haven't talked to in while, and your not exactly sure how to approach the situtation. Shit' could be mad awkward. Many times i've had people from my highschool come in my work to shop. Obviously, I tend to catch on very quick awareness that their in the store, so I usually tend to lean back a little because I rather not talk to them. Sometimes that is just the way I conduct myself. If I have no reason to talk to you and if neither have I made the effort to talk to you, I just simply wont talk to you. It may appear a little disrespectful, but most of the time I just dont give a dayum. So therefore I secretly tend to hide in little creases of the store or act like im getting a shoe and go sit in the back.
Now I pose this question to you. How do you approach a converastion with someone you havent talked to in a while? (hense this is not a person you want to be shy of)Usually shit' could be mad awkward, but I guess thats only true if you make it that way. I could be like " about them raptors?"(in absolute sarcasim)But however the situation appears, I advise all to atleast create a welcoming pressence. In otherwords, dont make it seem like your ignoring them or either playing them for the fool. Just be spontaneous and also somehow interact with one another. A smirk or wink is never harmeless.

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