Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So today I had a serious dream that I cant forget. Well from what I can last remember, I was walking down this dark street late at night going home. The street lights were the only thing bright. It was so dark that my own image seemed to look faded as if I was locked up in a basement. Nevertheless, at the corner of my eye I began to see a flash of lightning, that led to a thundering noise. Right after that, the street lights faded into vibrant purple's and aqua's. (And no people I was not high or anything) Well as any other person would be at this time, I was a little freeked out. So I began to pick up the pace of my journey. Then a couple seconds in, I tripped as I casually happen to do time to time. Moving on, as I was getting closer to my house I felt a whisper brezzing past my face quickly. Yet, it was saying the most random things, like my name and food, and also mentioning something about the alphabet. Everytime I heard a name of a food I eat, I was like "uhhh! thats whats' up". When really I should have just shut my mouth because once I spoke, more wierd things began to happen. So, I took a glance at my chest, and I noticed a large bump rapidly growing from underneeth my shirt. At this time my heart began beating hardocre. So out of safety, I attempted to touch it but then it stopped. Like I mean it vanished for a couple seconds untill it began growing from everywhere and I could feel it growing within me and streching my skin. Right as I was merly at my door step I felt invisible hands touching me. Word! I swear I was getting raped. Ughh! like someone was grabbing my ankles and pulling my ear. Awkward!! Anyways, I placed my key into my door and slowely openend the door, so my mom wouldn't wake up. As the door was 3/4 open, a large, no sorry an enormous push of wind pushed me back (in a slow flying motion) about 8 feet. Slapping my face stragiht to the ground. Once I had the capabilitly of opening my eyes I saw someone standing in front of me. It was.....

Now you could thank my my mom for waking me up to "Adrian!!! Get up and wash the dishes!" (trini accent) out of that intence dream. Yet, im going to always be curious of who that person is. Hmmm...Who know's maybe it was you?

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