Thursday, June 4, 2009


Look dudes its 2009, year of change. Ive done said it many times that each of our games need to change. Now what im basicly trying to get at, we need to simmer down on the hard knocks. You might be like "what the f---?" But really and truly, homie michelle recently told me that guys are just utter pathetic now a days. Hardly, girls come across a gentlemen out of the perv bunch. Which I find very wrong around this time. It is our responsibility to be a little more old fashion and nice to women. Is it so hard in saying "Im sorry, I couldnt help tell you I find you very attractive, but beneath that I sence your a very warm-hearted women. Could there ever be a chance that we can just get to know one another?...Wait hold your breath, and just take my number if your ever intrested. And I guess if you dont call i'll have to stalk you"--nahhh! im playing about that last part. Sidenote, guys take notes. But im sure ya'll can understand what im getting at. Personally I dont hit on girls nor have any pick up lines. I usually rely on my charm and grace (wink!) I cherish that about me because that shows im just being real and no b.s. Nevertheless, dont look up to me, do you! Play your cards the way you want, hopefully the chips work your way. Only as long as you dont degrade women or become eagerly aggressive while trying.

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